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"Actually, my dog I think is the only person who consistently loves me all the time."

- H.G. Bissinger

Frequently Asked Questions...

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What size and colors are your Aussies?

Toy Average Height: 10-14 inches - Mini Average Height:  14-18 inches

Toy Australian Shepherd Standard per the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR)

In the photo below you can see the different coat colors Toy & Mini Aussies can have!

Toy Aussie Coat Colors

Do you guarantee the adult size of the pup?

Most definitely not! I wish I could see into the future, but just like with children you can't predict adult height/weight. The best I can do is provide the heights and weights of the parents. The dogs in my program range from 10" - 14" in height and weigh 6-20 pounds.  We have had pups that range from 5 lbs all the way up to 35 lbs!  Size at birth does not matter. Pups can be fast or slow growers. I have found once the pup is about 3-4 months old you can chart their adult weight at www.puppychart.com. Just choose the breed "Miniature Australian Shepherd and follow the directions. I have found this to be pretty accurate but still no guarantees!

Fun fact:  Aussie sizes are based on height, not weight.  Adults 14" and under are considered to be Toy sized, regardless of their adult weight.  A dog that measures above 14" in height is a Mini.  You can learn how to measure a dog's height HERE.

What eye colors do Toy Aussies have?

Eyes may be any combination of brown, amber, hazel, green, blue, or marbled. Some of these dog have eyes that are two different colors or may be marbled or swirled. For example, one eye can be blue and the other eye can be split between blue and brown.

At what age can you tell a puppy's eye color?

Puppies usually open their eyes at about 2 weeks of age. Color can usually be determined at about 4-5 weeks of age but eye color can change as late as 2 years old (not very likely though).

Do your puppies come with tails?

No, all of our puppies tails are docked at 3 days old as it is breed standard and we love the charm of the Aussie wiggle butt!  Sorry, there are no exceptions.

How much are your puppies? What's included?

On average they are usually $3000-$5000 per pup.  Sometimes less, never more.  All of my pups are sold to PET ONLY homes.  I do NOT sell breeding rights.

You can read what's included here.

Can I make payments towards a future puppy?

Absolutely!  Many folks choose to do this.  You can make as many payments as you'd like in any amount and build up a credit to use towards a future pup.  If you ending up having more credit than what the puppy is being sold for the difference is 100% fully refundable.  If you end up not picking a pup and want a refund your payments are 100% refundable.

Where are you located?

We are located in Metro Detroit, MI – about one hour North of Detroit, 35 minutes North of Ann Arbor.  

Our closest airports are FNT and DTW.
If you're flying on a private plane you will want to fly into PTK.
Please scroll down to read about the delivery options we offer and our visitation policy.

Can I visit and meet you, your dogs, and puppies?

In short, no.  We are not a Petting Zoo, Storefront, or a Kennel.  Please view our Visitation Policy for alternatives to an in-person visit.

What are my delivery options?

Option 1:  If you are local to me when your pup is ready to go I would like to personally deliver the pup to your home.  That way I can spend some time with you and answer any questions.  I would stay until the pup gets settled in.  This usually takes about 30 minutes.

Option 2:  VIP White Glove Hand Delivery - We can hand deliver your fur-ever friend for an additional fee (typically $500-$550 within the US). This allows the puppy to travel IN the main cabin with a Pet Nanny.  Click HERE to learn more about this very popular option.

Option 3:  If you need the pup flown to you, but would prefer a guaranteed time, you may purchase a confirmed ticket in advance for the Nanny.  You can expect to pay the market price for the ticket + airline pet fee (typically $125) + Nanny fee (typically $500).

Option 4:  You can drive to Michigan to pick up your puppy. I am willing to drive up to 60 minutes one way at a location of my choosing to meet you to help shorten your drive.

Option 5:  You're welcome to fly here and I will meet you at your hotel or airport to deliver your puppy.

I will not ship my pups in cargo.

VIP White Glove Hand Delivery service is NOT included in the puppy price.

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How do I adopt one of your puppies?

We are very blessed to keep a consistently long wait list.  In most cases, you can expect to wait 3-12 months for a puppy from us.  Expect to wait on the longer side for a Merle, and the shorter side for a Tri.

In a nutshell, there are 4 steps:

  1. Apply
  2. Wait for Approval,
  3. Submit the Refundable Reservation Fee
  4. Wait for your turn to pick a puppy.

To get a detailed explanation of each step please click here

Why is a Reservation Fee Required?

Getting a new puppy is a big commitment - financially and emotionally.  It is not something you should do on the fly, and you should not commit to a puppy until you have done all your research.  

I am a serious breeder, and I only want to work with serious buyers who can make the commitment to me, my program, and one of my future puppies.  If you are looking to add a puppy to your home as soon as possible I am not the breeder for you.  I strongly believe in the old saying, "Good things come to those who wait."

Reservation Fees from people who are just "shopping" from different breeders or who are not entirely committed to adopting a puppy from us can significantly increase the number of people on our reservation list.  This can give a false estimate for serious buyers about when they can expect to take a puppy, and this can prevent truly committed families from reserving one of our puppies.

Like yours, our time is valuable to us. So, we ask that you please only apply and place a reservation if you are committed to a puppy, and specifically a puppy from our program.

The reservation fee is deducted from the final price of of the puppy.

In the event that a family decides not to choose a puppy from us, we will refund your reservation fee in less a $50 Admin Fee. 

If you decide to move forward with me, as soon as you pay the Reservation Fee you will gain access to all things regarding your future puppy.  You can read in detail here

You can read the required Reservation Fee form here

What forms of payment do you accept?

All invoices are emailed to you where you can make payment securely online with a debit or credit card- invoices will emailed to you.  We also accept Apple Pay, Venmo, & Zelle.

Once your payment has cleared, you will be added to either the Master List or the Puppy Dreamer list - whichever one you choose on your application.  You will also gain access to the VIP area, Private Facebook Group, and be added to the Pupdate Email list.

Your reservation fee will be deducted from the final puppy price.

*Should you choose to forfeit your reservation fee at any time, you will be removed from the list. Your submitted reservation fee/place on the waitlist cannot be transferred to a friend or family member.

**Misty's Toy Aussies reserves to right to reserve pick(s) of the litter at any time from any litter for any reason.

How does your Wait List work?

Currently, we use three types of lists to organize all the families in our program and give everyone the most accurate time lines possible:

  1. The Seekers List
  2. The Dreamers List
  3. Individual Litter Lists

List (1) The Seekers List:  This list is for the active folks that are interested in bringing home a puppy as soon as possible.  Although we can’t guarantee exactly when that will be, they are ready as soon as their perfect pup becomes available to them.

List (2) The Dreamers List:  This list is for the folks that definitely want to bring home one of our magical puppies, but they’re just not sure when the right time will be - which could be 6 months, a year, or even two years - there is no cut off time.  Because everyone in our program picks based on when they placed their deposit, it is not uncommon for families to choose to place a deposit long before they are ready for their puppy, or their second or third puppy.  We put those families on this second list so the Seekers List includes only those families who will be picking soon.  This allows us to give more accurate assessments of your wait time.

Anyone on the Dreamers List can be moved over to the Seekers List at any time.  So, if your situation changes, you reach out to me and I move you back AND put you on the Litter Lists you select.  (See explanation below.)

List (3) Individual Litter Lists:  When a family is ready to bring a puppy home, they ask me to add their name to one or more of the available Litter Lists.  Litter Lists are the way we manage the actual process of picking your puppy.  Families on a Litter List are organized by their original deposit date and pick in that order. 

Litter Lists open (meaning families can be added to the list) when that litter is 4 weeks old.   Each list remains open from 4 weeks to 7 weeks old, giving you plenty of time to evaluate your situation.  When you know you are ready to bring your puppy home, you contact me and are added to the Litter Lists that you’re interested in. 

On the day Puppy Picking opens, you and the other families on that Litter List will pick based on when your original deposit was received.  If you don’t get a chance to pick the pup you had hoped for you go back on either the Seekers List or the  Dreamers List, whichever you prefer. 

(Don’t worry if you don’t get the puppy you fell in love with online.  Once you bring your puppy home, you’ll be so in love with the curious, wiggling, furry bundle of joy romping around your house you won’t be anything but happy and excited.  We see it ALL the time.)

By placing your deposit now, you secure the earliest possible date and spot in line for whenever you are ready to actually pick and bring your adorable puppy home. You ALWAYS have the option to move over to the Seekers List and available Litter Lists AT ANY TIME.  Again, these lists are an administrative tool to help us stay organized and to communicate the most accurate wait times possible. 

How does Puppy Picking work?

Once a litter turns 4 weeks old, I will send a mass email to everyone that has a deposit placed that includes photos, the date Puppy Picking will open, and the date(s) they are ready to go to their furever home.

At this time the Puppy Litter list for said litter will open.  If you are considering a puppy from this litter it is your responsibility to let me know that you would like to be added to the Puppy Litter list for this litter only.  You will have 3 weeks to decide if you want to be included in this round of Puppy Picking.  You must let me know if you want to be added to the Puppy Litter list by the deadline date which will be provided 24 hours after they turn 7 weeks old. It is YOUR responsibility to let me know if you want to be included.  If I don’t hear from you by the deadline you WILL forfeit your spot this round, but you not lose your spot on the overall Master Wait List.

Once the litter turns 7 weeks old (day 49), I will take updated photos, a video of each individual puppy, and send a mass email to everyone on the list that will include more about each personality, current weight, estimated adult weight, and pricing.  This is when the clock starts.  If you haven’t let me know already, you will have 24 hours from the time that I sent the mass email to let me know if you want to be added to the final list of Puppy Picking.  Also, I will include a schedule for the Puppy Picking timeline for the following day. 

Day 50 - This is the day you will find out if you get to bring a puppy home! Puppy Picking, in most cases, will open at 12p EST SHARP!  Each person will have 30 minutes to make their decision on which puppy they want to take home. 

I will email a copy of the final list that will look something like this for the round along with a scheduled time that selections will begin.

  Reservation Number

Selection Time

Reservation 1

12p EST

Reservation 2

12:30p EST

Reservation 3

1p EST

Reservation 4

1:30p EST

Reservation 5


Reservation 6

2:30p EST

Reservation 7

3p EST

Reservation 8

3:30p EST

Reservation 9

4p EST

Reservation 10

4:30p EST

Helpful facts for Day 50:

  • If the pup you had your eye on you gets chosen before your turn you can pass on this round and go back to your regular spot on the Master List. Just send me a quick email/note that you want to drop out OR you can let me know prior that if “so and so” gets picked to auto drop you from this round and add you back to the Master List.
  • You must make yourself available during your scheduled time to let me know if you would like to pick or pass on the available pups. If I don’t hear from you within your 30-minute timeframe you’ll forfeit your spot and be added back in to your appropriate place on the Master List.
  • If you are NOT going to be available during your 30 minutes timeframe, and don’t have anyone to stand in for you, you may let me know in advance that if it comes to you that you would like “so and so” puppy and for me to consider it your official/final answer.
  • I will make myself available during your 30-minute timeframe. Feel free to email/text me if you any questions, or if you prefer a phone call let me know the best number to reach you on.
  • If you need extra time beyond the 30-minute timeframe to discuss with family, job, etc. sorry, there are no exceptions. Please take advantage of the 3 weeks’ notice you will have and plan accordingly.

Sample Timeline:

Week 4:  Litter turns 4 weeks old and announced.  Puppy Litter list for this litter will open.  Deadline date to be added to the list, and go home date will be provided.

Week 5:  Pupdate email will be provided with what we are working on for the week.

Week 6:  Pupdate email will be provided with what we are working on for the week along with updated photos, weights and estimated adult size.

Week 6 ½:  Video of the pups at play will be provided.

Week 7/Day 49:  Pupdate email to include updated photos, a video of each individual puppy, personality info, current weight, estimated adult weight, and pricing will be provided.  Schedule for next day Puppy Picking to be provided.  CLOCK STARTS!

Day 50:  Puppy Selections are made!

Day 56:  Puppies start to leave for their furever homes. All puppies must be placed no later then day 70.  No exceptions.  If you cannot take a pup during this window then you will have to wait until timing is better for you.

When can I take my puppy home?

In the state of Michigan, where our puppies are raised there are no legal age requirement to place a puppy.  We don't think this is good practice.  Puppies need to stay with their litter mates and their Momma's until they are fully weaned and eating on their own. 

If your picking your pup up in person, it can leave at 8 weeks old, if I feel they're ready.

If you are using a Pet Nanny service they must be at least 8 weeks old to fly, if I feel they're ready.

Your puppy is welcome to stay with me up until 10 weeks old.  If you cannot pick up your pup by Day 70 then you will have to pass on that puppy and wait until timing is better for you.  We cannot keep pups beyond 10 weeks old.  

What brand of food do you feed your puppies and dogs?

You can read all about the food we recommend here

You can read all the other items we recommend here  

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

We certainly do!  We stand behind our puppies 100%.  So much so, that unlike most breeder we offer a TWO year (rather than a one year) Health Guarantee that covers any life threatening illness, disease, or congenital defect with proper documentation by a licensed vet. 

Will my puppy come fully vaccinated? Microchipped?

Your puppy will arrive with age appropriate vaccinations and deworming.

All of my puppies will come to you with an ISO International microchip already implanted.  All ISO compliant Universal readers (USA & International) can read the microchip.  They will leave here being registered to me.  Once you take ownership you may transfer the registration to you.

Do you ever have older pups or retired adults available?

I have never had a pup beyond 10 weeks available due to our consistently long wait list.  From time to time we have retired dogs that become available.  We do not start breeding our females until they have reached maturity both physically and mentally, and have been examined by our wonderful licensed Veterinarian.  We work closely with our Vet to help determine when it's time for retirement.

Our dogs are our children.  We LOVE them with all our hearts.  Some will stay here forever, but some will need a loving home someday.  I am VERY particular as to who my dogs go to.  So much in fact you must be within driving distance of me (in case it doesn’t work out I will jump in my car in a moments notice to pick up my dog).  If you are interested in a retired dog please know that I will personally come to your home with the dog, spend a few hours with you and the dog.  If I feel it’s not a good fit I will take my dog back with me.  My dogs are VERY special and deserve to go to loving homes where they will be spoiled and shown affection daily.  If I feel you and the dog would be a good fit please know that I WILL be emotional and I ask that you truly understand that I love my dogs and hope that you will stay in contact with me from time to time.  Just because I am rehoming does not mean for one second that I will stop loving or thinking about them.

If you are interested in adopting one of my retirees someday, please feel free to reach out to me so that I can get to know you and your lifestyle a bit better.  I do charge an adoption fee based on the individual dog, and do require you to sign a legal document that you will give the dog back to me should it not work out.

All adults come up to date on vaccines, groomed, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and teeth professionally cleaned.

Expectations vs Reality


  • You want to bring home a new puppy as soon as possible.


  • We understand, it's hard to be patient,  but almost all reputable breeders will have an extensive wait list.


  • I don't want to pay a lot of money for a puppy.


  • If one of your first questions is "how much" or if you're looking for a low-cost puppy I am not the breeder for you.  In most cases, those lower costs mean that your puppy wasn't raised with active enrichment and foundation training and wasn't, in our opinion, prepared as well as possible for your home.


  • Your puppy will come home potty trained and never have accidents.


  • Puppies don't gain full control of their bladder until they are around 6 months old.  For some, it can even be a little longer.
  • You should expect accidents even if you take your puppy out on a regular and reasonable schedule.  This is not the fault of the puppy, and not your fault.  It is simply a matter of your puppy's biology.


  • Your puppy will always be happy and content


  • Puppies are babies.  And much like human babies, and no matter how well-raised and cared for, they should be expected to cry, bark, and have accidents, often at very inconvenient times and places.



  • Your puppy's training will continue to be fresh and responsive even if you don't work with your puppy regularly.


  • We put a lot of time and effort into your puppy.  If you don't keep up with the training 5-10 minutes per day to help your puppy remember what it knows and learn things that are important to you, then you will lose the benefits.


  • Your puppy goes home with training and you can maintain it without help.


  • Some people can maintain and even improve on their puppy's training without help.  But, the reality is that many dog owners, particularly first-time owners or owners who have never taken a dog to a formal dog training class may not be able to continue their puppy's education without some outside help.
  • Even if you are an experience owner, there may be times that you need professional help.
  • This is why every one of our puppies comes with a life-time membership to BAXTER & Bella's Online Puppy School


  • Your puppy has had puppy foundation training by us so you will never have behavioral problems.


  • All puppies should be expected to behave in ways that at one time or another are undesirable.
  • Puppies teethe, need to learn social boundaries, and don't have full control of their bladder or bowels.  Puppies make mistakes, and have accidents.
  • There WILL be puppy biting, chewing, barking, leash pulling, accidents, and more.  This all normal and to be expected.
  • Although we provide as much active enrichment, exposure, and training for your puppy as possible to minimize undesirable behaviors, they are going to happen anyway and you should still expect to have to handle undesirable puppy behaviors at some point or another.
  • We provide a HUGE amount of resources for our puppy families in the VIP area, and BAXTER and Bella's Online Puppy School is an invaluable tool that you should take advantage of.
  • With just a little attention and early intervention most of these problems can be minimized or eliminated quickly.


  • Getting a puppy with lifetime breeder support means you'll never have to consult another canine professional.


  • We are here to help you as much as we can.  Truly.  We mean it and we want you to contact us.  We talk to some families almost daily for the first couple of weeks when they bring home their puppy.  However, I am not a dog trainer, or a veterinarian, and many times I will refer you to someone who is more qualified.  

If you are not experienced with training a puppy, you should absolutely expect to need a dog trainer at some point.  No amount of puppy training we do before your puppy gets home and no amount of breeder support we provide can change that fact.  If a family is experienced in dog handling, no training we provide will be able to train the puppy to obey an inexperienced handler.

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Do you do any Genetic Testing?

Absolutely we do!  You can buy with confidence!   Genetic screening of the dam and sire for inherited diseases should be an integral part of any breeding program. Although it's extremely costly, Misty's Toy Aussies voluntarily chooses to screen all of their dogs ( 9 tests per dog) for inherited diseases prior to breeding because we know that screening our puppies is crucial in producing happy and healthy puppies.  I share all of my dogs test results for the public to view (click the badge above).  Please be responsible and only purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder who genetically tests their dogs prior to breeding.  A good breeder will happily provide proof, so please don't be afraid to ask.

You can read more about genetic testing here

Do Toy Aussies make good family dogs?

Yes, definitely. In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions to adults, children and other pets.  They respond beautifully to training. They are good-natured and even-tempered; may initially be reserved with strangers yet make a very loyal companion. The Toy Aussie is an active dog with a happy and even disposition, good-natured, seldom quarrelsome and responds with enthusiasm to the challenge and responsibility of having a job to perform.

Some Aussies are very shy, apprehensive dogs. Because of this it is important to socialize your Aussie as a puppy and to expose them to as many people and situations as possible.  I strongly recommend Puppy Classes, Doggy Day Care, taking your dog to safe dog friendly places where they are regularly exposed to different people, dogs, and situations.

Do they need training?

All puppies need to be trained with consistency and love. Aussies love to be involved in family activities and do best with families that provide obedience training, socialization and exercise. Aussies are naturally reserved around strangers and need to be properly socialized early in their lives. They are also extremely loyal dogs; wanting to be by their masters side more than anything else on the planet! Aussies are extremely smart and want nothing more than to please their owner. They can very easily be trained to do anything!

We want you and your pup to be set up for success from day 1 which is why every person that adopts a puppy from us will automatically get a free lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella's Online Puppy School.  You can learn more about their program here  

Is it better to get a Male or a Female?

Their is no wrong choice - either a Male or a Female will make a great pet.  Many folks contact me and specifically want a Male, or they really want a Female.  Usually it's because that is what they have experience with.  I think it's more important to choose a puppy on it's temperament, rather then it's gender.  However, if gender is important to you we will make sure you get the best gender specific pup for your lifestyle.

Do they shed? Are they hypoallergenic?

They do shed!  The Toy Aussie wears a moderately thick double coat. The undercoat is shed twice yearly and shedding is moderate between these periods, although degree will vary with individual dog. Regular brushing once or twice a week will help minimize shedding and keep their skin and coat healthy. The Toy Aussie's coat is not long enough to require heavy daily attention.

Australian Shepherds are NOT hypoallergenic.  

What does "Red Factored" mean?

You may have noticed that on our adults page, some of the dogs are listed to be "Red Factored".  In Australian Shepherds, the B-Locus determines if a black or blue dog will be able to produce red offspring. If the dog tests B/B, that dog does not have the red gene, and will never have red offspring. If the dog tests B/b, that dog does carry the red gene thus making him/her "Red Factored". Breeding to another carrier or to a red dog should produce red offspring. Dogs that are actually red will test b/b.

What health issues do Toy Aussies have?

All of our pups leave here upon being examined by our trusted licensed Veterinarian.  Unfortunately, there are some issues that no matter how responsible the breeder has been, they can develop down the line with any Toy sized breed and have nothing to do with genetics. 

Some of those are:

  • Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia simply means a low blood sugar. Glucose is the form of sugar found within the bloodstream. Glucose is formed during the digestion of foods and it can be stored within the liver in a storage form called glycogen. If a puppy becomes stressed, gets too much exercise, or misses a meal their blood sugar could drop.

A puppy with hypoglycemia will lack energy, become listless, lethargic and nauseous. This can be life threatening. If you find yourself in this situation DO NOT PANIC – it’s easy to stabilize if you are prepared.

What is the management?

Immediately provide sugar -- Karo syrup, honey, or Nutri-Cal are excellent sugar sources and should be fed to the puppy. If the puppy fails to respond to sugar, or the hypoglycemic episodes are frequent, then a thorough exam by a veterinarian is in order.

  • Luxating Patella

Essentially, a dislocated kneecap- when the patella (kneecap) slips out of its normal place in the groove of the femur. This can be hard on your little dog’s hindlimb movement.

  • Collapsing Trachea

A progressive disease involving the trachea (windpipe), most commonly seen in small breed dogs. When the rings that preserve the shape of your dog’s windpipe weaken, the windpipe can start flattening, making it harder to breathe. Some common causes include obesity, kennel cough, or exposure to smoke and dust.

Do you have pictures of past puppies as adults?

Most of my buyers regularly send me updated photos as their babies grow.  I try to post their photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can see them there.  Also some of my pups that are placed in their furever homes have their own Instagram accounts and you can follow them and all their sweet adventures:

auggie _finn_toy_aussies

I still have more questions! What to do?

For the quickest response email me your questions at misty@mistystoyaussies.com

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