"Everyone thinks they have the best dog.  And none of them are wrong."  - W.R. Purche

The Real Super Stars

It is truly a pleasure to introduce you to my adult Toy Australian Shepherds.  We love each and every one of our Toy Aussies and they are 100% a part of our family.

We spend many hours a day interacting and playing with out Toy Aussies.  We have a 100 x 50 fenced in dog run, along with a second 50 x 50 dog run that they get plenty of daily exercise in.

We had our two-car garage, which is attached to our home, converted into a modern state-of-the-art “Canine Castle." Our Toy Australian Shepherds live very comfortably in their castle that is fully equipped with heat and air conditioning.  We had 3 windows installed so they can get a nice cross breeze.

Our dogs are all indoor dogs.  Taking care of them is a full-time job for my husband and I.  We bring the dogs inside our home two at a time for two hours in shifts so they all get a turn. Bamboo, Twinkles, Frankie Blue Eyes, and Figgy are so small that they sleep with us every night in our King-sized bed.  We take one of the other Toy Australian Shepherds to bed with us every night alternating so every dog gets a turn.  It’s someone new every night and we love it that way!


The Guys

DSC 6479.1

Loki Balou

DSC 6879.1

Huckleberry Blue

The Gals

DSC 6614.1


20211212 122213

Lolly Potomus

11 1.2020


IMG 3845


img 4994

Lamby Bear

img 1628 1

Charli Girl

DSC 6675.1



Cheeky Monkey

DSC 6371.1

Trixie Blue

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20200830 151313

Dilly Dally

Surrogate Parents