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“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

- Josh Billings

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dog food

Often I am asked what I feed my dogs. Click below to go directly to our page dedicated to diet, nutrition and some other products we love.

tHe Essentials

Below are some items that are my absolute personal favorites.  Be sure to pay attention to sizes when shopping online for your puppy.

Crate vs Pen

It's essential to have a crate or pen set up for your tiny baby for when you can't keep a constant eye on them. They are simply just too small, and delicate to allow free roam.

Pens are a nice option because there's room for a potty pad if you opt to raise your puppy with pads.  Crates are nice because they can be easily moved.  The best solution if you feel you need a crate is to put a crate inside the pen, with a bed inside of the crate.  That way your pup will be crate trained if you ever travel and take your pup with you, or if they stay with friends, etc.

Crates:   I like the PAWD crates made by a company named Kindtail.  I prefer these ones because the are light, easily collapsible, and you can set it up so the door is always open so your pup can go in and out.  These come in different colors and are super cute!

Pens:  This is my favorite pen.  It is expensive, but aesthetically very pleasing to the eye, and lots of puppies are climbers and can climb out of exercise pens - this one they can't get out. It comes in multiple colors and sizes.  Check out their Instagram for decorating inspo!

It can get cute little nose and paw prints so I use a window cleaner with a handle like this to keep it clean.

To protect your floor I recommend getting a pet-friendly  V-MAT, or you can buy flooring at Home Depot that's really inexpensive and just lay it on top of your current floor.

If you go with a V-MAT (so many nice options) you can get 10% off your order using the code MISTY

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Mistys Toy Aussies Puppies Bettie 7 Weeks20

This is one purchase you will not regret.  Even the most well trained dogs will possibly out of the blue run away - this usually happens during fireworks, or when left at a dog sitters home, or at a strange place in general.  Plus, the sad truth is that these beautiful tiny babies are often a target for theft.  It also has some fun features you can utilize. Just an all around must have product that allows you to keep your eye on your baby's location when you can't be there.

amazon picks

All of our pups come with a leash, collar, harness, two bowls, snuggle puppy, blanket, soft sided airline approved carrier, & squeaky toy.  The items we recommend below are items you may need or want at some point.

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Economical choice - We recommend the 24" with divider so your puppy can grow into it.

Exercise Pen

Exercise Pen

Some puppies can/will try to climb out of this so be sure to get a tall one if you go for this option.

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Potty Bells

Teach your puppy to let you know when it's time to potty.


Kong Classic

Great to keep your pup busy - I recommend the XS and stuffing them with one of these ideas.

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Hands Free

Multi function leash/lead with six-in-one functionality. Great for potty training to attach your pup to you when at home so always in your eyesight.

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Comfy Bed

Cute + Comfy + Machine Washable.

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Plush Toys

No stuffing plush toy- includes a squeaker.

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Fetch Ball

Air balls allow pups to breath while running and fetching.

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Puzzle Toys

Hide treats or pieces of kibble to keep your pup engaged.

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Training Treats

These are great!  They're bite size lil' pellets - they come in lots of fun flavors.

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Treat Pouch

Perfect for outdoor training - includes a poop bag dispenser.

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Bully Sticks

All natural and good for dental health.  We like the 6" sticks.

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Bully Holder

Holds stick in place & prevents from choking on the last bit.
Get XS.

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Bike Basket

Fun for outdoor adventures.  Comes with a rain cover, easy on/off, &tether to secure your pup.

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Car Seat

Lookout seat helps with anxiety and sickness while keeping pup safe.

Air Carrier

Air Carrier

Sleepypod Air carrier -  I really like all products by Sleepypod if you want something a bit smaller check out the Sleepypod Atom or the original Sleepypod.

Pet Sling

Pet Sling

Safely take your pup everywhere for socializing until fully vaccinated.



Lookout seat helps with anxiety and sickness while keeping pup safe.

Travel Bottle

Travel Bottle

This is great to have on you at all times when you leave the house.

Poop Scooper

Poop Scooper

Good to have especially after the snow melts :).

Waste Bags

Waste Bags

Poop bag dispenser that comes with a hook and attachment.

Life Jacket

Life Jacket

Keep your pup safe around pools, boats, and water.

Splash Pad

Splash Pad

A fun way to keep your pup cool during the warmer months.

Cool Cot

Cool Cot

A great way to keep your pup cool if you spend a lot of time outside.

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Food Mat

A mat will help keep things tidy form water spills, and loose kibble

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Two Bowls

Your pup will come with two bowls, but some folks like to have extras.

Nutritional Gel

Nutritional Gel

Must have on hand if not Karo Syrup to prevent low blood sugar drops.

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Slicker Brush

This slicker brush is good for mat removal and massaging.

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Pin side for detangling, bristle side for smoothing.

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This rake is great for removing the dead undercoat.

Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser

Tearless, & smells great.  Good for dogs with tear staining.  Use daily to keep the fur under eyes clean.

Cotton Rounds

Cotton Rounds

A high quality brush ideal for delicate and fragile coats. Get the XS.

Foam Dispenser

Foam Dispenser

Dilute 1/4 of the Blueberry face wash to 3/4 water.  Pump some on the cotton round and wipe your pups face clean.

Bath Time

Bath Time

This is why we are always told are pups smell amazing.



Really nice, high quality, absorbent microfiber towel with hand pockets.



Nice to have on hand when you're in a hurry.

Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers

This is the pair of clippers I use on all of the puppies.

Stop Bleeding

Stop Bleeding

Keep on hand if you plan to trim nails  in case you cut too short.

Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme Cleaner

Because puppies.  You will need this at some point.

Oral Care

Oral Care

Comes with options to see which one your pup will tolerate.

Dental Spray

Dental Spray

A great alternative to using a toothbrush - easier for some folks & less stressful for some pups.


Dental Paste

Best to good dental habits ASAP - Brush once a week.

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Teething Rings

Helps alleviate discomfort while teething.  Natural, & safe to digest.

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White Noise

A white noise machine will help relax your pup and muffle any sounds - also helps with anxiety.

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Surgical Suit

A great alternative to the cone when it's time to get your pup fixed.

Disclaimer:  We recommend certain select products that we have used ourselves on this site and we think they’re good enough to share.  Some of those products have affiliate links, where we get a very small commission for a referral.

We are not paid for favorable product reviews, and all of our opinions are ours.