"Before you get a dog, you can't quite imagine what living with one
might be like; afterward, you can't imagine living any other way."

- Caroline Knapp

Toy Australian Shepherd

Wall of Love


Throughout the years, we've become one of the most well-known, sought after breeders of Toy sized Australian Shepherds due to our passion to provide exceptionally beautiful and healthy puppies with amazing temperaments.  We are known for our stellar reputation as an ethical and responsible breeder, and all-around good humans.  With our transparency, open communication, and the lifetime support we offer, many of our clients are eager to share their experiences.  We invite you to take a look at some of our glowing testimonials to see what some of our past clients have to say below.

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Client Testimonials

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Beth & Bob

Proud Parents of Winter & Dakota, Michigan.

I will definitely get another pup from Misty

Winter has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is the most loving and happy puppy we have ever had. We have three other dogs, 2 are much larger, and she is unphased by them. Her little nub is always wagging and loves attention from anyone who will give it to her. Winter also has been very easy to potty train and has had no accidents at all. Misty did such a wonderful job! We could not be happier! I will definitely get another pup, when we can, from Misty!

Pupdate:  Beth & Bob have since adopted their 2nd pup from us, Dakota.

The whole experience was fabulous

When we first started looking at the Australian Shepherds we ran across Misty's website.  The amount of information provided, the ongoing support you receive, the quick responses to questions and the glowing testimonials of past owners of Misty's pups, including those that have multiple pups from Misty, all gave us great comfort in knowing we were adopting our Hattie from a responsible breeder.  It's a huge leap of faith to put your trust in someone you've never met other than online.  The whole experience was fabulous, and I would tell anyone not to hesitate to adopt a puppy from Misty.

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Tracy & Greg

Proud Parents of Hattie, Minnesota

Mini /Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy
Communication was great

A big thank you to Mistys Toy Aussies! The communication was great, she always responded quickly, answered all our questions, helped us in picking the right puppy for our home, everything she told us about personality, temperament, and energy level and expected size and weight was spot on!

Pam & John

Proud Parents of Giselle, Florida & Michigan

We could not have had a better experience

We had our eyes on Mack from the moment we saw his first photos! Misty's communication was excellent throughout the process and when she told us our pick was next and Mack was ours, we both cried our eyes out! After a difficult 6 months with 3 losses in our family, we knew Mack would fill our hearts and home with comfort and joy again. He has brought so much love into our lives; he's smart, sweet, and his bright blue eyes and charming personality steal the hearts of everyone he meets! We could not have had a better experience and are so glad we found Misty. She has so much integrity, love and genuine care for her pups and pup-parents. Thank you again for blessing us with our handsome Mack!

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Jessica & Charlie

Proud Parents of Mack, Michigan

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The West Family

Proud Parents of Woodford, Florida

Misty is the absolute best! When I started my search for my toy aussie puppy I stumbled across Misty's website and was impressed with her right away. The website was easy to navigate, there was tons of information available, and it was clear she really loves her pups and spends a lot of time prepping them for their fur-ever homes. I put down a deposit right away and had no idea how much fun it would be following each pup from announcement to home placement. When it was finally my turn, I found Misty to be incredibly responsive and available for all my questions. She made the transition so easy for us and we are absolutely in love with our little guy Woodford.

I wouldn't go anywhere else

I have recommended so many people to Misty and impressed upon them the importance of having a responsible breeder that supports and communicates with you, treats you like more than a number, and is committed to her pups having the best home possible working as hard to prepare the pup as she does the new family. Her support didn't stop there, so much value was added into the adoption fee from the online training school, to the new pup package delivered with Woodford, and the library of info available in the VIP section. The pups stay connected to their families as we all follow each other on social  media, plan meet ups, and keep up with pup dates on the facebook group. Misty is an incredible woman with a fantastic philosophy when it comes being a boutique breeder. She is hand placing little rays of sunshine into families lives and I'm so glad we found her. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Woodford has been a terrific pup from day one. Already puppy pad trained, and experienced with crate training. He is super smart, well adjusted, and eager to please. He's social, and affectionate and just everything we wanted. I particularly loved that Misty provided a personality profile for each pup to ensure you were picking one that would assimilate best into your family. Woodford is exactly as Misty described and because of that he has meshed so well with our other pets and our active family. We could not be more pleased. Thank you Misty!

She goes the extra mile in getting her pups ready

I got my pup Melody from Misty in February. I couldn't be happier. Melody used her potty area and slept in a crate in our room from day one. Melody came to us understanding come and sit. We took Melody to the vet the day after we got her and the vet was just amazed at how well adjusted Melody was. The vet was even more amazed that this was after coming to us less than 24 hours prior. I would recommend Misty as she goes the extra mile in getting her pups ready for there forever homes.

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The Stout Family

Proud Parents of Melody, California

Toy Australian Shepherd
Jamie & David

Proud Parents of Koda, Michigan

Amazing Breeder

Once my husband and I were ready for a family dog we researched a lot! Once we settled on a mini Australian Shepard, we searched for a breeder. I was instantly hooked after finding Misty's Toy Aussies. The detail on her website, her reviews and abundance of support made it an easy choice. She was very communicative through the process of selecting a puppy and it was love at first sight when picking him up. We couldn't believe how many puppy items came with Koda and it was obvious how much Misty loves these dogs. She checked in with us in the days/weeks that followed to make sure everything was okay!
Misty Does An Amazing Job

We are extremely fortunate to have two of Misty's puppies in our family. Misty does an amazing job raising them from birth to the point they join their furever homes. They're very happy and well adjusted puppies!! And, so darn cute you can't help but fall in love with them.

img 4894

Proud Mom of Minnie & Mertle, Michigan

img 4855

Proud Mom of Tango & Cash, Ohio

the Misty community is amazing! It is a whole new group of friends!

If you are looking for a Toy Australian Shepherd Misty's Toy Aussies is the breeder you just cannot overlook! I am on my second pup from her and it is amazing how easy they are. She really puts her heart into these little fluff- puffs with crate training and manners. I have literally been able to sleep through the night immediately after they came home because they are so comfortable in the crates.  After they come home obviously it is up to you to continue the social skills in order to make a well rounded dog. Aussies really need this especially, no matter what the size.  Her program is awesome and she is super easy to work with. The support after and the Misty community is amazing! It is a whole new group of friends!

Very, Very happy with our new pup Zeva

The quick responses to questions, being patient with the new puppy experience again. Very, Very happy with our new pup Zeva, she is healthy, happy and settling in very well with our family. Thank you Misty!

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The Dailey Family

Proud Parents of Zeva, Ohio

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Vilia & Mindaugas

Proud Parents of Petipaw & Aurora, Rhode Island

Overall Great Experience

When our family decided to get an aussie puppy, I started searching online for responsible and loving breeders. I came across Misty's Toy Aussies website and I knew right away she was the one.  We found out it was going to be a long wait, but we also knew it would be worth it. Now we have our adorable and healthy puppy and we are so happy!  Working with Misty was so easy, she still supports us if we have any questions. Overall a great experience!  We love our Petipaw so much!

Pupdate:  Vilia & Mindaugas have since adopted a second pup from us, Aurora.

An amazing pup and a wonderful experience

I received a beautiful blue merle toy aussie from Misty as a gift, and it certainly didn't disappoint! His name is Blue, and he came with a wonderful care package including items to help with the transition into his new home including a blanket with the scent of his litter and a companion stuffed animal with a battery operated heartbeat.... these two items specifically were a HUGE help.  Furthermore, he came with a microchip and with complete medical records.  THE BEST PART ABOUT MISTY is that she is always just a call or text away to answer any question and give helpful feedback and advice!  If you're looking for an amazing pup and a wonderful experience, look no further than Misty's Toy Aussies!!!


Proud Mom of Blue, Massachusetts

img 5077

Proud Mom of Louie, Mexico

I Totally Recommend Misty's Toy Aussies

I had the best experience with Misty and I got the most beautiful, loving, healthy puppy i could ever ask for. I totally recommend Misty's Toy Aussies, I received the best attention at all times even after I got my puppy, who btw was hand delivered to me in Mexico.

Top Dog Status

Simply the BEST !! From the initial contact to as I type, Misty and her team rate TOP DOG status! The communication is comprehensive, the entire process flawless & the PUPS beyond precious. Sydney arrived in May and the past several months have been awesome. The time and attention given the puppies by Misty is evident from the first minute they arrive. We could not be happier and so glad we took the time to watch a million videos. Thanks Misty !! (( Woof-Woof from Sydney ))

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Jim & Karen

Proud Parents of Sydney, Michigan

screenshot 2022 05 12 at 3.11.29 pm
Alice & Doug

Proud Parents of Icee, California

I have worked with other Aussie breeders, but Misty is by far the best one!

We got our little tri-color Aussie, Isosceles (Icee for short), from Misty and we are so thrilled. Icee was delivered by a nanny and she was so darn cute - but calm and relaxed when we picked her up. She has been quite easy to train - she walked on a leash the first day! And she could sit, stay, twirl, lay down in just a couple of days! Such a sweet lovable pup!

It was very easy working with Misty. Misty is incredibly passionate about the pups she raises. She is quick to answer any questions you have. She's extremely knowledgeable and caring about this breed. I have worked with other Aussie breeders, but Misty is by far the best one! If you want a toy Aussie, I wholeheartedly recommend that you just call Misty. Period. You will not be disappointed. We love our little Icee and we are very grateful to Misty for providing such a wonderful addition to our family.
Her program and communication are superb

So grateful we found Misty! She raises the most well adjusted happy pups and she TRULY cares about ALL of her pups and finding EACH one the perfect home. Her program and communication are superb. I feel like I found a friend even though I've never met Misty in real life. Vesper is two years old and I still chat with Misty all the time - that is how much she loves her puppies. And she's built this AMAZING community of Aussie lovers who have Misty dogs. Most now have 2 or 3 dogs from - that speaks VOLUMES. She is so transparent and genuine - just truly an amazing person who raises the best dogs ever! We couldn't love Vesper any more if we tried!

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Lexie & Isaac

Proud Parents of Vesper, California

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The Meyer Family

Proud Parents of Baloo & Petunia, Illinois

Misty sets you and your puppy up for nothing but success

We can't say enough positive things about our entire experience with the adoption of our new puppy Baloo! From the beginning to end, Misty sets you and your puppy up for nothing but success and a thriving home! If you ever have questions, Misty immediately responds, explains and sincerely cares about placing your puppy in the right home at the right time for you and your pup! In the past, my experience working with a "breeder" was nothing like working with Misty and Linas, and you can just immediately see a difference in your puppy as soon as you bring them home! She truly cares and loves on these puppies as if they are her own until it's time to go to their "furever" homes, where they can easily bond and play and love on you! Thanks so much Misty!!! I'm so happy we found you and your sweet, adorable, beautiful and intelligent puppies!!! Here's to many "wiggle butt" wags and kisses!!!

Pupdate:  The Meyer Family since adopted a 2nd pup from us, Petunia!

we could not be more impressed

LOOK.. NO.. FUTHER! Simply put, we could not be more impressed with EVERY single part the 'finding your fur baby' process. From beginning to end, Misty delivers on everything you read about on the website, and then some. Every question asked was answered with speed - from the very first email inquiring about the process to after finding the perfect pup. What's more impressive is our little angel, Aubrey. It was apparent from day one that she'd had a much different new born to furever home experience - more loving and immersive with development and temperament. Aubrey is such an amazing pup - sleeping through the night and mostly house trained from the first night.

img 5092
The Leachman Family

Proud Parents of Aubrey, Arkansas

img 5099

Proud Mom of Felicity & Hazel, Arkansas & Indiana

100% Recommend!!!

My experience working with Misty was absolutely amazing! When it came close to time for me to pick my pup, Misty was so supportive. She was always ready to answer any questions I had (and I had quite a lot). After getting my pup, she continued to be there for me for any questions/concerns I had. I was lucky enough to become the owner of my precious girl, Felicity (formerly Sparkles). It was crazy how polite, sweet, playful, and personable Felicity was at only 10 weeks old. She is now 12 weeks old, almost 13, and her personality is getting bigger every day! She is a pro on the leash, taking so well to potty training, and a constant joy every day. I could not ask for a more perfect puppy - I give all thanks to Misty and the wonderful environment she raises her puppies in. She starts them on training so early, and it makes the transition from her home to yours so easy! I am so thankful I stumbled across Misty's website one day and decided to email her - best decision I have ever made!!!

Pupdate:  Sydney has since adopted a 2nd pup from us, Hazel!

We love Misty and Misty loves her pups

Misty's Toy Aussies is AMAZING! If I could give her 10 stars, I would. I have 2 of Misty's pups and they are the absolute best….from day one! The entire experience with with Misty is top notch. She continues to be there anytime we have a question. We love Misty and Misty loves her pups! Thank you for all you do!

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Colleen & Deron

Proud Mom of Kona & Scoot, Indiana

img 5109

Proud Mom of Trixie, New York & California

Misty is truly one of the best breeders out there!

Misty is truly one of the best breeders out there! She and her partner are so attentive and nurturing for the first weeks of all her new pups' lives and puts so much effort into starting the training process as soon as possible. Trixie was my first puppy (and dog ever!) and I couldn't have asked for a better experience with all the crazy questions I had before and after she came home. She was and is such a sweet, friendly, well mannered best friend :).

Not only is Misty there for any questions and info you will need during and after the adoption process, she makes sure you have everything you will need with a little puppy wiki on her site and the care package she sends your pup home with. She also insists you keep her up to date with all her pups whether on Instagram or by keeping in touch!

After I received my tiny Trixie, within a year we welcomed another member of the family, Bowser, for my mom and he is just the best companion for her! We couldn't be more happy with our little loves. Thank you, Misty!!!

Amazing communication!

Misty is just the best! From the moment we committed to our puppy she was in touch coordinating every detail perfectly! Amazing communication! Connecting us with other pups in our area. Finding the Perfect flight for our little guy to get to the west coast and into our arms. He came so healthy. Well adjusted and fearless. We have had many dogs from many breeders and never had a pup who knew how to "mand" (sit on his bottom and ask please) for what he wanted! Thank you Misty for Spratt! He is the joy of our home and family!

img 4903
Nicole & John

Proud Parents of Spratt, Oregon

img 5091

Proud Mom of Sadie, New York

100% Recommend!!!

I loved my new puppy she is the sweetest cutest thing ever! She is so good and funny! Misty was so helpful and trustworthy I was so impressed with her help and the materials she provided for us. 100% recommend!!!!

We would highly recommend Misty's

We got our little man Meatball from Misty about two years ago now and he is the best little dog of all time!! He is the most sweet, loving, and well behaved boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without him. We would highly recommend Misty's and her Aussies to any one looking for a new fur member to add to their families. Not only does she have the best puppies, she was an excellent resource and always available to help with any questions we had about our little guy. We felt very at ease with the whole process because she made it so seamless even in setting of the early pandemic. We are beyond thankful we found her!!!

img 5100
MariJo & Joe

Proud Parents of Meatball, Washington

img 4854
Neil & Sona

Proud Parents of C.C., California

I was so impressed by all the communication Misty does

My wife and I have been talking a lot about getting a second puppy. We already have a standard aussie and we wanted a pup on the smaller side but also with the same energy level as our first. We found Misty online and after so much research in seeing their past pup and all the great reviews. We finally pulled the trigger and got our little pup C.C. from misty. I was so impressed by all the communication Misty does and along with some early on socialization on sound and environment. Our little pup is full of personality and confidence. Within a day she was already wrestling with her 56lb aussie sister.

Misty's Toy Aussies was the ONLY breeder I wanted to work with

Once I decided to get a toy Australian Shepherd, I did extensive research on breeders. Hands down Misty's Toy Aussies was the ONLY breeder I wanted to work with. Misty Renee is dedicated to raising her pups to be happy, healthy, and well adjusted. She has devoted her life to that goal. I think she is the only toy aussie breeder that uses the puppy culture protocol to socialize and train her pups and it makes a huge difference in how they adapt to their furever families.. She also does the entire panel of genetic testing on her breeders, which is another indication of her dedication to raising healthy happy pups. Not only is she patient and caring with her pups - but also with their potential furever home families. This was my first dog and I had a lot of questions (really!) and she was able to answer and guide me all along the way. The same has been true after I brought my little Boomer home and he is now four years old. She is always available to answer questions that come up. The process in terms of the waitlist is very fair and unpressured because she wants you to get the right pup at the right time for you. The fact that she has so many repeat customers that come back for a second or even third pup from her is further testimony - I may be one of them at some time in the future. In my opinion, Misty's Toy Aussies is best in class bar none.

img 5110

Proud Mom of Boomer, Massachusetts

img 4896

Proud Mom of Jayden, Michigan

Our experience was wonderful

We got a female Toy Aussie from Misty in December, 2021. We did a lot of research and felt she was a safe and responsible breeder. Her website and Facebook page give a lot of information and she is available to answer any questions. Our experience was wonderful and we just have the very best dog that we just love. I highly recommend Misty's Toy Aussies.

Misty's Toy Aussies is your best option

When deciding I wanted a Toy Australian Shepherd I did research on breeders and as soon as I read about Misty and chatted with her I knew she would be the right one. She was willing to answer any questions I had and guided me through the process. You can tell she truly cares about her puppies and finding them the right home. I just got my Luna and she is already so well adjusted. She is so friendly and loves everyone and everyone loves her! She's doing so good in her crate, potty training, and listening. Misty also adds you into a Facebook group so you can communicate with others who have her pups and share questions and tips, it's almost like a little family. Misty continues to answer any questions I may have even after taking Luna home and loves to keep in touch on how she's doing. You can really tell she cares about her puppies and takes the time to work with them and train them. Luna is an absolute love bug and joy to have around. I can't thank Misty enough for bringing such an angel into my life and raising her puppies in such a great happy and healthy environment. If you're looking to add a Toy Aussie into your family, Misty's Toy Aussies is your best option!

img 5112

Proud Mom of Luna, Michigan

img 5115
The Harsch Family

Proud owners of Mia, Endo, & Layla, Michigan

I would never go anywhere else

Misty is the best to work with and an awesome breeder! I would never go anywhere else. Our little Mia is the best puppy I have ever had. I will say I was a little nervous getting a puppy I have never met. Misty eased my mind and Mia is the best fit for our family. Misty does a wonderful job at finding you the right fur baby!!

Pupdate:  The Harsch Family has since adopted a second pup from us, and a third for their Mom 🙂

Hands down the best breeder I dealt with in my lifetime.

Hands down the best breeder I dealt with in my lifetime. Informative, detail-oriented, friendly and professional. Responded to all of my texts and emails. Made us feel reassured when we had concerns and questions. Someone who still has a connection to her litters is someone who truly cares. Just like a teacher and ex-students. We found a forever friend!

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The Zazzera Family

Proud owners of Dallas, New Jersey

img 5121

Proud Mom of Roma, New York

Misty was always available to answer any question

When I finally decided I wanted a Toy Aussie, I did research on many breeders and ultimately decided on Misty - which was 1000% the correct choice! I could not be more pleased with my little Roma; she is the sweetest, most entertaining pup and came to me already knowing how to sit! Misty was always available to answer any question I had pre-puppy picking and as well as way after which shows you how much she truly cares about her pups and how much effort she puts into raising them. I couldn't say enough nice things about her and her pups and have already recommended her to friends! Thanks Misty! 🙂

Best breeding experience ever!

Best breeding experience ever! Misty Renee at Misty's Toy Aussies was SO wonderful! Poppy is our fourth Aussie, and she is, by far, the most well trained and sweetest pup we've ever had. It was great watching Poppy develop (via photos and videos on Misty's website/facebook page) from the time we picked her out up until the day Misty met us to deliver her. Even after we got Poppy, Misty has kept up with Poppy's progress, and Misty has been an invaluable resource when I've had questions or concerns. (she has always answered my questions in a VERY timely manner.) The welcome packet she provides is thorough and full of useful information. It was a breeze getting Poppy trained to go outside because Misty introduces all her pups to clicker training at a very early age. The fact that she keeps all her pups indoors and raises them as family members helps even more.
I would recommend Misty's Toy Aussies to ANYONE who is looking for an Aussie pup to add to their family.

img 5125

Proud Mom of Poppy, Colorado

img 5123

Proud Mom of Zeus Forde, Tennessee

Misty did a such a great job raising him

We finally got our precious Zeus Forde from Misty. We waited 3 years because I wanted the right one at the right time. And it was worth the wait. We just love Zeus Forde. He is well exposed by her that he is friendly to human and other dogs, very confident and independent. Misty did a such a great job raising him. He is so perfect! He is smart and you can teach him anything I want him to learn. Misty's puppy culture is unbelievable and it works. She is the best! I am ready to get another one from her. Thank you Misty for your quality work, dedication and honesty. She is an open book. Excellent breeder!

I can't recommend Misty's Toy Aussies highly enough

We are so happy with Misty's Toy Aussies. I have had many dogs (and puppies) growing up, but I've never had a puppy as calm, well adjusted, happy and smart as our new puppy Smash. This is undoubtedly due to Misty's wonderful program, which, as the website lets you know, breeds dogs from excellent parents, but also includes wonderful puppy training and socializing. We were on a waitlist and the whole experience was great. Misty was also quick to answer any questions we had about her work, particular puppies, and about how to prepare our home for Smash. We are over the moon with Smash, who is already a solid member of the family, and loves meeting our friends and playing with our children. I can't recommend Misty's Toy Aussies highly enough.

img 5127 (1)
The Penaluna Family

Proud Owners of Smash, New York


Proud Mom to Pringle & Poptart, Ohio

She made it so much fun to follow the growth of each litter

Where do I even start? Misty from day one was open about everything when it comes to getting a puppy from her. She made it so much fun to follow the growth of each litter and made it so special and lucky the day you got a chance to pick a puppy. She helped me find the PERFECT puppy for me! Pringle is everything I wanted plus more!! Thank you for everything. I will be adding to my pack again soon! Can't wait to add another!!!

Pupdate:  Shannon has since adopted a second pup from us, Poptart.

I highly, highly recommend Misty's Toy Aussies

Misty is amazing! She care so deeply about her pups -- and about her customers. I feel like I really got to know her and her dogs, even though we never met in person. She was so caring and knowledgeable and the information she shares about the puppies is wonderful. I felt like I was part of her community and family even before I got my sweet little Winnie. Speaking of Winnie -- she is the smartest, cutest, most loving little puppy and I credit Misty for all of it. Winnie gets along so well with our 8 year old lab mix, and she's always trying to make friends with the cat (who isn't really interested but still :)) I've had Winnie for a couple of months now and she has responded so well to training and her new home. And the best part is she's never far from my side, she has fast become my best friend. I highly, highly recommend Misty's Toy Aussies. I have given her name and website to so many strangers who have stopped to play with Winnie on our outings -- they fall in love with her right away and they all want to know where I got her. And I'm more than happy to say, "Misty's Toy Aussies!"

img 5141 (1)
Kate Glassman Bennett

Proud Mom to Winnie, Washington, DC

img 1959

Proud Mom to Poppy, California

She is different from a lot of breeders

From the beginning Misty was very helpful in finding us the perfect puppy for our family. Ultimately, we decided on our Poppy girl but weren't able to get her right away... Misty trained the mamas to sit and posted weekly pictures on her site. We were hand delivered the most perfect puppy and we are head over heels in love with her. She is different from a lot of breeders, not only does she give you the best, well trained puppy but she cares about them and follows up with you. She even made a private Facebook page to keep up to date on them. Thank you so much Misty, we appreciate all you have done and continue to do for our Poppy girl!!!

What Misty has achieved, many would say is not possible

Misty is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable and responsible breeder. Her pups are worth the wait. We are head over heels for our Pandy girl, even our cats like her! Only the chickens are not yet convinced Pandy came home for the first time like she'd always been here. She has very few accidents, loves to nap wherever my kids are sitting and comes right away when she's called. We are honestly amazed at how fun, sweet, SMART and well-mannered she is, now at 11 wks old. Everywhere we go people are seriously head-over-heels for this pooch! What Misty has achieved, many would say is not possible. We cannot express enough appreciation and admiration for Misty's Toy Aussies.

img 5117
The Cabrejos Family

Proud owners of Pandy, Michigan

img 5116
Rich & Cheri

Proud owners of Dakota, Michigan

We would highly recommend Misty

My husband and I were looking for a puppy and we came across Misty's website. After reading numerous reviews about Misty and her pups we knew this is where we had to get our puppy. From the beginning of the process it was nothing but a joyful/professional experience. Misty answered any questions we had throughout the process and is still in constant contact after receiving our loving Dakota. Misty makes the entire experience pleasurable from being on her waitlist and updated with all the information on her litters. She keeps you updated with the all the new pups personalities which makes the experience reassuring that you will get the perfect pup for you and your family. We never felt any pressure while being on the waitlist. Once we picked our sweet, precious Dakota Misty went above and beyond to answer questions and reach out to make sure everything was going well. She made sure all the arrangements were set for Dakota to make her flight to her forever home!!! We are more than grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Misty and bring Dakota into our lives! We would highly recommend Misty to anyone who is interested in getting a puppy.

great experience

Had a great experience with Misty taking good care of little Rosie and providing her with a wonderful puppy nanny who flew her from Detroit to the Philadelphia airport. She's very caring and there for you if you need any help not to mention the puppy school she's affiliated with. I highly recommend her for Toy Aussie's. 🙂

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Proud Mom to Rosie, Pennsylvania

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The Bielinski Family

Proud owners to Julep, Kentucky

Misty is an honest, transparent and professional breeder

I have had various dogs, both adopted and from breeders. As the proud owner of Julep, I can without a doubt say that Misty is an honest, transparent and professional breeder. Not only was she super responsive, she was helpful at all stages of our decision to purchase a dog. She is very forthright, up front, and very compassionate towards her "humans" and her dogs. At no time did I feel pressured to make a decision on any particular litter. The entire process was super smooth, and Misty was always there when I needed her when I asked a million questions. I have never met a breeder that provides as much transparency as she does, her website alone is proof of that. If you are looking for a toy aussie, look no further. Julep was the most well socialized puppy I have ever had - she was a breeze to potty train and adjusted immediately into our home. She is super well adjusted, healthy, energetic, great temperament, confident and playful, just as Misty described. You will not be disappointed with a puppy from Misty!!

She honestly is the best

I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with Misty. She's an extremely caring and genuine person that is a true animal lover. Any concerns or questions and she would call or text me right away. She honestly is the best and the puppies are the cutest!

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Proud Dad to Joleen, Illinois

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Enid & Allan

Proud parents to Auggie & Finn, Wisconsin

I would recommend Misty and Linas to anyone who is looking for a sweet pup.

We had never gotten a pup from a breeder before and we were unsure. But after finding Misty and communicating with her, we were sold. She takes such care of all of her dogs and does so much for each pup. She is there for you if you need advice after you bring your pups home. The puppies are raised in such a loving manner that when we got ours home, they settled in the first night. We were so thrilled with her methods that we adopted two pups together. They are sweet, loving, cuddly and smart puppies. I would recommend Misty and Linas to anyone who is looking for a sweet pup.

Misty is absolutely phenomenal

You will never find a more caring and trustworthy breeder of pups anywhere, GUARANTEED! Misty is absolutely phenomenal with reaching out to us before, during and after buying one of her Aussie babies! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect pup- and it's all thanks to Misty putting her heart and soul into what she does!

Pupdate:  Leah & Tenia have since adopted 2 more of our pups, Teddy & Lyla.

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Leah & Tenia

Proud parents of Robin, Teddy, & Lyla, New York

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Jules & Stevie

Proud parents of Jezebel, Michigan

The community of sharing she has created among her Toy Aussie owners is incredible

Misty is not only the breeder I got Jezebel from, who we could not love one stitch more, but has also become a friend in this great dog adventure --- always there to answer any questions you have. The community of sharing she has created among her Toy Aussie owners is incredible as well. I am 100% dedicated to getting my next teeny tiny Aussie from her. Her puppies are raised to be loving, perfect little creatures, and will become a part of your family in 2 seconds flat.

Pupdate:  Jules & Stevie have since adopted a second pup from us, Ziggy Stardust.

We will absolutely work with Misty again

Misty and her babies are 100% wonderful! Misty's love, knowledge, and dedication to her pups is so apparent and appreciated by me and my husband. As first time Aussie and first time pup owners, we were relieved and grateful to work with someone who was happy to answer any and all questions related to caring for and raising our little Aussie. Our pup has the sweetest, friendliest personality, and the time she spent with Misty & the crew definitely helped shape her into the fun loving pup she is now. We will absolutely work with Misty again if we happen to want to grow our Aussie family.

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Caity & Alec

Proud parents of Devi, Germany

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Proud Mom of Luna, New York

I can't say enough good things about our experience

Misty is one of the most caring, easy to talk to, thoughtful breeders I have ever spoken to! I had been researching Aussie breeders for a long time before meeting Misty, and after our first conversation I was completely comfortable and confident that I would be getting my fur baby from her. Luna is by far the most loving, well socialized, affectionate puppy I have ever encountered. Months after we got Luna, she still contacts me to check up on her- you can tell she really cares about every puppy! I can't say enough good things about our experience!

Misty has far surpassed any expectations we had

We looked for months for a reputable Toy Aussie Shepherd breeder. Misty has far surpassed any expectations we had. She's an outstanding person...both professionally & personally. We are so thankful for her! We could not be happier with our puppy, Duke. He's an absolute pleasure & has adjusted to living with our family seamlessly! Everyone just adores him as he's such a happy, smart, loving & obedient pup. Misty's discipline yet nurturing ways with the puppies shows in every aspect through Duke's cheerful disposition. Misty went out of her way to answer any questions we had about the process of adding a dog to our family. She's a one of a kind breeder who puts her heart & sole into her business. I would recommend Misty's Toy Aussies to anyone. Worth every penny...

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The Perkins Family

Proud owners of Duke, Texas

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The Suzuki Family

Proud owners of Momo, Texas

I had a great experience working with Misty

I had a great experience working with Misty. She has a fabulous website and it enticed me into wanting to have my own toy Aussie. I had Misty add me to her waiting list and much to my surprise I got my turn to pick a puppy much quicker than I thought. After you pick a puppy Misty does a fabulous job posting pics and videos of the pups. She also sends you lots of information on how to take care of the puppy. She is quick to respond to emails even after the "sale". Also she has a Facebook private group for all owners of her pups. Here we can share pics and ask questions to all in the group.

Momo is the sweetest little pup. She gets along so well with my other 1 year old dog Ringo. They love each other so much. It just warms my heart on a daily basis. I can't imagine not having Momo in the family.

Our expectations were far exceeded

What an amazing experience it was to get our sweet Banjo from Misty! She was so involved and thorough throughout the entire process. Banjo came to us at just over 10 weeks. He was so confident and well adjusted. The training that Misty and her husband do with their puppies from day one is fantastic! Our expectations were far exceeded. We would recommend Misty's Toy Aussies over and over again!

Pupdate:  The Dennison Family has since adopted a second pup from us, Toby!

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The Dennison Family

Proud owners of Banjo, Florida

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Arianne & Brad

Proud owners of Oliver, Ohio

Misty and Linas are absolutely fantastic people

Misty and Linas are absolutely fantastic people. They care so much about all their animals. We had a terrible experience with a past breeder who couldn't have cared less when our 7 month old pup passed away. When we decided on a Misty pup, we ended up having to wait when the first litter she had didn't produce a blue Merle male. We could have gone to another breeder instead of waiting but I could just tell how much they care about their pups I knew I didn't want to get a pup from anyone else. From the full genetic testing to rotating the pups in the bed with them at night, they do it right. We could not be more thrilled with Oliver's temperament and personality. He loves people and animals and everyone always comments on how chill he is when we're out and how he is so confident and well adjusted. Misty goes out of her way to make sure you have pictures, videos, and all updates you could possibly want! Plus extra puppy pictures if you're having a bad day and want to see the little guy. We are so incredibly happy with the entire process and we now have the most wonderful addition to our family.

great experience

Getting our puppy Hudson from Misty was a real pleasure! We researched many toy / mini Aussie programs before choosing to join Misty's waiting list. It was worth the wait! Misty is so good at providing information on caring for your puppy as well as updates, photos, videos of the puppies and is so responsive to questions both before and after selling the puppy. Hudson is an amazing puppy - full of energy and fun, and also very smart, just as Misty described! He has a huge personality and gets attention wherever we go!!

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Jen & Fabrice

Proud Parents of Hudson, New York

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Janice & Ed

Proud Parents of Yuna, California

We highly recommend Misty's Toy Aussie for anyone looking to have a quality puppy of their own

Misty puts in the time and energy to make sure each puppy is healthy with all the vet documentations. Additionally, she spends individual time with each pup to get them started on training. On top of this, Misty provides lots of updates so that you can see how the puppies are progressing before they come to you. Another wonderful thing about Misty is how responsive she is to questions and quality concerns; you're never left wondering, and she always makes sure your questions are answered and that you're taken cared of. To say Misty cares is an understatement. Even after your puppy has been delivered, Misty will occasionally check in to see how the puppies are faring. From there she shares with everyone on how the puppies of a particular litter are doing, giving all involved a family reunion of sorts with their puppies. It really is nice to know that these connections are not lost, and that Misty is not just a breeder but one who cares deeply, providing a network and community that we all can share in. We highly recommend Misty's Toy Aussie for anyone looking to have a quality puppy of their own.

Misty was very helpful and responsive throughout the puppy picking process.

Misty was very helpful and responsive throughout the puppy picking process. She clearly understands the breed well and wants to pair a pup up with the right owner based on your lifestyle. For example, our pup, Indy, had some trouble digesting his food when we first switched him foods. When the vet couldn't figure out why Misty helped us determine it was likely an allergy to chicken. Since then he's been enjoying his new chicken-free food. Adding Indy to the family has brought so much joy to our lives. He's fairly high energy and we work 9-10hr days so he goes to daycare 5x/week and does well with all types of dogs and humans. In the evenings and on weekends he loves to cuddle, find a little den to nap under, and solicit pets from lots of admirers on walks.

Mini / Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy Testimonial Indy
Hope & John

Proud Parents of Indy, Wisconsin

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Lisa & Sue

Proud Parents of Freddie, California & Maine

I can't recommend Misty's Toy Aussies highly enough

We got our adorable little Freddie from Misty in October. It was clear from the start that he came from a caring and top notch breeder. Everywhere we take him people stop and say "that's the cutest puppy I've ever seen!". I can't recommend Misty's Toy Aussies highly enough. Freddie is perfect in every way and we are so happy with him and Misty's on going attentiveness and support. Thank you, Misty!