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"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished."

- Dean Koontz

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Check back on 6/13 for new litter of 6 Merles that will be posted

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5/28/2023 - starring Kyle, Bear, & Thor Thorsgaard

6/5/2023 - starring Bernie 🙂

Upcoming Puppies

Families who place a deposit toward a future puppy get a protected spot in line as well as the slightly discounted Private Rate.  (Usually $200-$250 more per pup).

We do this to encourage all families to get on the list which helps us provide the most realistic timelines for all our families.  Families with a deposit get the first chance to bring one of these adorable, special pups home.

In the instance that a Kismet Puppy becomes available, you would apply for that particular pup and make one payment.

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Black Tri Male – Not Available
Birthday: 04/08/2023
Congrats to the Mishoe’s in Georgia!

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What are Kismet Puppies?

Every once in awhile we have Toy Aussie puppies available for immediate adoption.  Families typically wait between 4 months to a year before taking home their little furry ball of awesomeness.  It is so rare that we actually have a special name for these dogs, KISMET PUPPIES.

Kismet:  kis·met  /ˈkizmit,ˈkizˌmet/ noun  destiny; fate.

What we mean by this is every so often, the most insanely adorable, really smart, cute as a button, little nugget that just happens to be available to the general public for whatever reason, -- these are some of the most magical placements we do.

Mini / Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy Diamonds Flowers