"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."  - Gene Hill

What's Included

All of our puppies come with free kisses

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Keeping it Real

Our years of breeding and handling puppies have proven to us that puppies are much more successful in their new homes if they have the proper training and foundation installed during the critical first 8 weeks of their lives.  Therefore, all of our puppies are raised using our Jump Start Puppy Program, along with a modified version of the Puppy Culture methods and our price reflects that.

If you're looking for a inexpensive puppy, I am not the breeder for you.  If you're looking to get a puppy today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, I am not the breeder for you.  If you are looking to adopt a puppy and never have any contact with me again, I am not the breeder for you.  If a puppy raised with active enrichment, and a solid foundation from someone who really cares isn't important to you than I am not the breeder for you.

If you are patient, and understand the importance of laying down a good foundation for a puppy so he/she can thrive in it's new environment for years to come, and understand & appreciate the work involved in doing so, please continue on.

What's Included

  • All pups are raised with our Jump Start Puppy Program, including modified Puppy Culture
  • Lifetime Breeder Support
  • Lifetime Membership to BAXTER & Bella's Online Puppy School
  • VIP Puppy Pack (see details)
  • Pupdates - Photos, Videos, & more
  • Genetic Health Tested Parents
  • Two Year Genetic Health Warranty
  • Lifetime Access to our private VIP Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to our private VIP Area on our website
  • ISO International Microchip Implanted
  • Age Appropriate Vaccines & Dewormings
  • Veterinarian Checked & Approved
  • Thirty Days free Pet Insurance
  • Freshly Bathed and Groomed
  • Airline Approved Soft Sided Carrier
  • Puppy Breath & Endless Kisses 🙂