"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

- Gene Hil

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what's included

All of our puppies come with free kisses

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we're full Time

Our years of breeding and handling puppies have proven to us that puppies are much more successful in their new homes if they have been raised with active enrichment, along with having a solid foundation installed during the first stages of their lives. Therefore, our price reflects that.

Our pups are raised inside of our home in our living room, dining room, foyer, and kitchen.  They do not live in a separate living area such as a kennel or a barn.  Raising them is a Full-Time job for us and we work with each puppy individually and in a group setting daily to ensure that you’re getting a happy, well-socialized, easy to train puppy.

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Puppy Pricing

On average, our puppy investments start at $3000 up to $5000+, with the average price being $3500-$4000.

Pricing is determined individually for each puppy based on phenotype and estimated adult size.

All of our pups are sold to PET ONLY homes.  I do NOT sell breeding rights, nor do I offer stud services.

  • Mini / Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy Chickadee

    Expect to pay on the lower end of the scale for a TRI with Brown Eyes.

    Expect to pay on the higher end for a MERLE or a TRI with Blue/Odd eyes

  • Mini / Toy Australian Shepherd Blue Merle Puppy Tiago - 7 Weeks

    Our babies are teeny tiny and require a lot more intense care and attention than your average sized puppy. Because of their tiny size and delicate nature, their immune systems can be compromised very easily.  As they mature, their immune systems grow stronger and they are just as healthy as a standard size dog, but until then they need around the clock care.  

Health Tested Parents

All of our breeding adults have full panel genetically testing completed or cleared by parents to ensure the healthiest pups.  We work with our trusted Vet, along with the folks at Paw Print Genetics before deciding on which pairs to breed based on their genetics to ensure the highest quality puppies.  We share all of our breeding teams results with the public, and you can see each ones results by visiting the parents page.

Vet Visits

Puppies are given age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormings before they leave our home. Your Veterinarian may suggest optional available vaccines that you should consider based on your specific area and what is/isn't prevalent.

All pups leave here having been examined by our trusted licensed Veterinarian who will provide a letter of Health for each puppy.

Microchip Implantation

All puppies leave here with an ISO International; microchip already implanted.  All ISO compliant Universal readers (USA & International) can read the microchip.  They will leave here being registered to us. Once you take ownership you may transfer the registration to you.  Details how to do this will come in your VIP Puppy Pack once you take your pup home.

The pup will forever be registered to us regardless if you register the pup or not.  If you do register the pup we would be listed as the alternative contact.  We will be an alternative to ensure your puppy is safe and happy until she or he can be returned safely to you.

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Jumpstart Program

All of our precious pups are raised with our Jump Start Program that includes a modified version of Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Program.  Every day we work with each puppy individually starting at day 3.

Every new parent will receive the Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet which is an important guide to raising a puppy in a safe and healthy way. Following their guidelines will help avoid any future behavioral issues and fractures.  Truly indispensable for new puppy parents.

Lifetime Membership to BAXTER & Bella’s

Once you pick your puppy you will have the option to be enrolled in BAXTER & Bella’s Online Puppy School at no additional cost.  This is a wonderful resource and it will help you prepare for your puppy even before you bring your puppy home.

VIP Facebook Group

We have a “private” Facebook group that you can only be added to by a personal invite from me.  It’s for all of our buyers and people who have a reservation placed.  It’s a fun place to share photos of your pets (all of your pets – we don’t discriminate 😊), get tips, tricks, advice, and share milestones, and helpful info.

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Lifetime Support

You will receive forever support when you purchase a puppy from us. Whether its email, text, or by phone, we’re here for you!  We want everyone to know that the relationship does not end once you take your puppy home. We enjoy updates in any form, but we especially love photos.  Please know we want & welcome you to stay in touch when you adopt a puppy from us.


And of course, you get to have a new friendship for life (and so do we!). We are there for you when you need us and are always here to offer a helping hand.  When buying a puppy from us, you get to become a part of our extended family and are able to stay within the Misty’s Toy Aussies family forever, hopefully. 😉  We look forward to adding you to our "family" and hope you enjoy our puppies as much as we do!

your pup's homecoming

  • Health Warranty

    Should anything arise, we provide a two (2) year health guarantee for any genetic life-threatening health issues.  If you would like to review the contract prior to your placing a reservation, email me and I would be happy to email to you for your review.

  • Pet Insurance

    Once you pick your puppy you will receive access to the info to sign up for Trupanion Pet Insurance if you choose - all new parents will receive 30 days free upon sign up.  While we e do not require you to sign up for insurance,  we do recommend considering it.  Puppies are very fragile and its not uncommon for them to hurt themselves before they are full grown.

  • Airline Approved Soft Carrier

    All of our pups are delivered in a brand-new carrier that no other puppy has ever been in so you can be rest assured that your puppy will arrive in excellent health. You can use this carrier for Vet trips, car rides, shopping trips, and some folks even like to use the carrier as a place for the pup to sleep in lieu of a crate.

  • VIP Puppy Care Package

    To help you get started, we prepare a care package for you and your new puppy.  This includes a blanket that smells like us, a Snuggle Puppy, a squeaky toy, leash, harness, collar, small bag of food, one can of food that's an appetite stimulant, and two bowls.  All this along with your pups medical records, and microchip number will be given to you upon homecoming.

  • Playdate Contact List

    In the VIP area we keep an ongoing list of past clients who are interested in getting together to meet up for playdates.  This list is constantly being updated.  We love when our past pups can get together for a romp!  Every client has the option to join the list or decline. The list is has parents & their pups living all over the USA!

  • Clean & Fresh

    All of our puppies are given a bath and grooming right before they leave for their forever home.  We are always asked which shampoo we use because our pups smell AMAZING - We love, and highly recommend Pride & Groom products.

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VIP Access

There is a password protected area on our website under the "MORE" tab listed as the VIP area.

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What to Expect

Upon receipt of your deposit.

  • Weekly Pupdates including photos & videos.

  • Access to the private password protected VIP area on our website where we have a plethora of information to help prepare you for your puppy's homecoming.

  • Access to our wait lists so you can always see exactly where you fall.

  • Be the first to know once a new litter arrives and have access to each litters individual page before we post publicly.

  • Invitation to our private Facebook group that's reserved for our puppy families.

  • Optional activation of your lifetime membership to BAXTER & Bella's Online Puppy School.

Sample Pupdate Timeline

Litters are posted in the VIP area upon birth so you will know far in advance before we post publicly in the Puppy Nursery.

  • Week 4-4 ½:  Pupdate email with individuals pups first set of photos.  

  • 5-5 ½ Weeks:  Pupdate email with a video of each individual puppy. 

  • 6 - 6 ½ Weeks:  Pupdate email with a group video of the pups at play.

  • Weeks 8-10:  Puppies start to leave for their furever homes. All puppies must be placed no later than day 70.  No exceptions.  If you cannot take a pup during this window then you will have to wait until timing is better for you.

Week 6 ½

The 6½ Pupdate email to include updated photos, a video of each individual puppy, personality info, current weight, estimated adult weight, and pricing will be provided.  Puppy Picking will be the following day, Schedule for next day Puppy Picking will be provided.  CLOCK STARTS!

The following day - 11:30a EST - Deadline to let me know if you want to be added to the litter list for the current round of puppy picking.

11:31 ESTFinal list emailed with scheduled times (starting at 12p EST) and Puppy Selections are made.

all inclusive summary

  • Lifetime Breeder Support.  

  • VIP Puppy Pack

  • Weekly Emailed Pupdates - Photos, Videos, & More.

  • Genetic Health Tested Parents.

  • Two Year Genetic Health Warranty.

  • Lifetime Access to our Private VIP Area on our Website.

  • ISO International Microchip Implanted.

  • Age Appropriate Vaccines & Dewormings.

  • Veterinarian Checked & Approved.

  • Optional Thirty Days free Pet Insurance.

  • Freshly Bathed and Groomed.

  • Airline Approved Soft Sided Carrier.

  • Puppy Breath & Endless Kisses.

Keeping it real

Our years of breeding and handling puppies have proven to us that puppies are much more successful in their new homes if they have the proper training and foundation installed during the first stages of their lives. Therefore, our price reflects that.

  • If you’re looking for a inexpensive puppy, I am not the breeder for you.
  • If you’re looking to get a puppy today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, I am not the breeder for you.
  • If you are looking to adopt a puppy and never have any contact with me again, I am not the breeder for you.

If a puppy raised with active enrichment, and a solid foundation from someone who really cares IS important to you than I AM the breeder for you, and I invite you to read more.

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  • Pricing is determined indiviudally for each puppy based on phenotype and size.

  • We do not charge more/less based on gender.

  • We cannot guarantee adult size or eye color, but will have a pretty good idea.

  • Prices are estimated and subject to change.

  • I reserve the right to keep first pick of any litter although I don't often do so.