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diet & nutrition

Nutrition plays a critical role in life time health. Many dog foods cannot be relied upon to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements and nutrition can be attributed to a number of health issues.

We don’t feel there is one right way to feed a dog, nor do we believe there is a “perfect” dog food. There are multiple factors, including the individual dog and your lifestyle. For some, kibble is preferred due to it being readily available, and for others, pleasure is found in fresh, wholesome, meals for their pets. We have tried many different foods over the years, and we have spent countless hours speaking to several veterinarians and researching dog food and we have our favorites.

Our Pups Diet

Whether you decide to feed a dry or fresh food, or a combo of both, rotating your pet's food provides them with variety, which is important not just for appetite, but for health.  Like with humans, a varied diet is healthy for dogs.  It keeps them interested in their food while enhancing the diversity of their microbiome. It reduces the risk of allergies and food intolerances, as well as helping prevent potential issues down the road.

Once our pups begin to wean, we feed them a combination of 3 dry dogs foods.
These are great foods that are Vet recommended.

For Dry Food

We have a large food storage container and mix three foods in the container.  We realize that this is not reasonable for everyone.  For us, having our puppies on three foods give you the option to choose one of the three flavors to continue feeding your puppy if you prefer sticking with one.

For Fresh Food

If you prefer to transition your pup to a fresh food, I can start the transition to Pet Plate.

Pet Plate offers 6 different flavors that come in recyclable, pre-portioned containers personalized for your specific puppies needs. Fresh cooked meals are perishable and need to be kept in the freezer or the fridge. They should be stored in the freezer long term, up to 1 year, and can be thawed in the refrigerator. Once they are thawed in the fridge, you should use them within 5 days.

Our Pups are picked by their furever family we offer some options for a smooth transition:

  • Don't change anything and continue with the 3 dry kibbles.  You will want to select this option if you plan to change to a new food entirely, or if you want to stick with 1, 2, or 3 of the kibbles we use.

  • Transition your pup 100% to Pet Plates Vet-designed, fresh-cooked, made with real human-grade ingredients food.

  • Combo of both Dry & Fresh

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we recommend

Choosing one of the following diets

Dry Kibble

  • A combination of 2 different flavored Purina Pro Plan Puppy kibble
  • Mixed with Royal Canin Puppy Food – using 3 kibbles in total
  • 1/2 of Pet Plates Soothe Operator Soft Chew
  • 1/2 of Pet Plates Hip Hopping Soft Chew


  • A combination of 4 different flavored entrees from Pet Plate
  • 1/2 of Pet Plates Soothe Operator Soft Chew
  • 1/2 of Pet Plates Hip Hopping Soft Chew


  • One flavor of dry kibble
  • Mixed with one flavor of Pet Plates Fresh Entree that you can switch out
  • 1/2 of Pet Plates Soothe Operator Soft Chew
  • 1/2 of Pet Plates Hip Hopping Soft Chew

If you want to feed your pup a 100% fresh-cooked diet that is complete & balanced, then we recommend Pet Plates Full Plan. If you want to add some fresh-cooked food to your puppy's dry kibble, then we recommend Pet Plates Topper Plan.  Topper plans come with the same meals you’d get in the full plan, but they send fewer containers per shipment and you have flexibility with the amount of food you choose to feed.

pet plates fresh food

For the last couple of years I have been trying and testing several of the leading Fresh Foods for Dogs on the market today, and I can honestly say Pet Plate is my favorite.  It is by far the least messy, in fact, it's not messy at all, easy to store, and I love that their all of their packaging is 100% recyclable: the box, liner, container holders, and dry ice holder can all be recycled in your curbside cardboard bin. The FreshCooked containers can be recycled in your glass/metal/plastic recycle bin.

  • 100% Human-Grade Wholesome Ingredients
  • Vet-Nutritionist designed + Made in USDA-Approved facilities
  • Variety of recipes fresh cooked at lower temperatures to preserve nutrients
  • Complete + Balanced + Stress & Mess Free
  • Personalized to your Pups Individual Needs
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How It Works

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    Personalize your pet's meals:  Share your pup’s unique characteristics and they'll craft the perfect meal plan for a healthy diet your puppy will love.

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    Cooked fresh & portioned:  Their meals are made with human-grade ingredients in a USDA kitchen. Every batch is hot-filled for safety and flash-frozen to lock in freshness.

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    Delivery:  Delivered right to your door along with a personalized feeding guide.

If you'd like to place an order I can offer you an exclusive 60% off your first two boxes of meals, treats, and supplements.  This is a big savings of $120 on average so definitely take advantage.  It's only valid for new customers.

Offer only valid for new customers - Misty's Toy Aussies will receive a small one time commision for all new orders which helps offset the cost of feeding your pup Pet Plate to ease with the transition.

Treats + Supplements


Prebiotic + probiotic blend to support microbiome balance and healthy digestion which hopefully means better (well, you know).

Made with salmon oil, biotin, and zinc methionine, which support lustrous coats and healthy skin.

A common health issue with any small breed dog is luxating patella’s (bad knees). Puppies/dogs can cause joint issues by doing simple everyday activities like running, jumping, slippery floors, etc. Because of this, we recommend putting your pet on a supplement to support hip and joint health and maintain mobility.  While it won't prevent luxating patella from developing,  it may have beneficial effects of protecting the joints. Here is a study that provided Labrador retriever puppies with a diet enriched with joint nutraceuticals (including glucosamine & chondroitin) that showed joint protective effects.

USDA Organic treats are the perfect healthy snack. Made with only six wholesome ingredients, they are high protein, easy to break apart, great for small dogs + puppies.

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