"The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind." 

- Theodorus Gaza

Loving and Responsible Breeder of

Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds

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Hey there!

I'm Misty.  The gal behind all the puppy magic.  Have you been looking to add an Australian Shepherd to your family?  If so, you're at the right, warm, and safe place!  We would love to be part of your journey and help you find the most amazing, adorable, perfect Toy or Mini sized Australian Shepherd for your family and lifestyle.

Our Community...

We have spent years building our breeding program to become one of the most sought-after breeders of Toy Australian Shepherds, and Mini Aussies out there. Our pups are known for their intelligence, good looks, and never-ending kisses! We have a close-knit community of folks that have our Toy Aussies. Many have become personal friends of mine, and online friends with other clients of ours, and some even get together for play dates!  See what some of our past clients are saying HERE.

Raised Inside Our Home...

We are dedicated to our Toy and Miniature Aussies and follow a responsible breeding program under the guidance of our trusted licensed Veterinarian. We are not a kennel, and all our precious Toy and Mini Aussie puppies are born and raised inside of our home in a loving environment. Being a breeder, a Fairy Godmother if you will 🙂 - my full-time job is dedicated to my Australian Shepherds adults, and all of the little precious puppies we are blessed with. We work with each and every one of our Aussie puppies daily - individually, and in group settings.

Our Exclusive Jump Start Program...

Because we believe that the first 8 weeks of an Australian Shepherd puppy's life is so critical, we have created our own a Jump Start Curriculum that we use to help raise the most well-adjusted, even tempered, trainable, Toy Aussies out there!  But we don't stop there!  We offer Lifetime Support AND every single one of our Toy and Mini Aussie puppies come with a free Lifetime Membership to an accredited online Puppy School so you will always have access to professionals if you ever feel your Toy Aussie need some extra support...  WE GOT YOU!!!

We would love to have you join our Toy & Mini Aussie family so we invite you to take a look around our website -- LOTS of Aussome information around every corner so please, Come, Sit, Stay, and Play!

let me help make your puppy dreams come true

See What our Past Clients are Saying

What are Toy & Mini Aussies like?

Even as full grown adults Toy Aussies and Miniature Australian Shepherds often behave like puppies. They are intelligent, energetic and happy. Toy Aussies and Mini Aussies are a very friendly dog and they love to stay busy!

Toy Australian Shepherds and Mini Aussies are eager to learn and intelligent. Devoted, loyal, and good-natured, these dogs bond closely with families. They love being part of family activities and love constant stimulation. They want to be your "partner." They make ideal house dogs if provided with appropriate exercise and social interaction with their owners.  Toy Aussie Puppies are very smart, and eager to be trained.

Do they make good companions?

A Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd can be an excellent companion for other pets and children.

Are they easy to train?

They love constant stimulation and can be trained to do just about anything!  They will be bored with a sedentary lifestyle. This is not the kind of dog for someone who works out of the house all day and/or keeps their Aussie kenneled for long periods of time.

Do they need to be socialized?

Australian Shepherds are sometimes shy around strangers. Socializing them as puppies can help lessen this behavior. In general, they bond very closely with other people. We strongly recommend Puppy School (all of our pups comes with a lifetime membership to online puppy school) and continuing their education to help keep them socialized and stimulated.

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