VIP Nanny Service

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

- Gene Hill

From our Home to Yours

What is a Flight Nanny?

A flight nanny is a trained pet care provider and professional animal lover who travels in the cabin of a commercial flight with your puppy comfortably stowed in an airline approved travel carrier that we provide. Your flight nanny will pick up your puppy from DTW (Detroit Airport) and deliver to your local major airport and tend to all of your fur babies needs while in flight.

How do I Book a Flight Nanny?

You don't!  We will handle all the details so you may focus on preparing for your pups homecoming.  

Once you pick your puppy, you will be provided a link to fill out your delivery preferences.  We will ask you to provide your local MAJOR airport location, and your two preferred delivery dates.

I will then submit a delivery request with one of our preferred transport companies.  They will get to work right away by contacting their team of Nannies.  Scheduling can take up to 5 days so please be patient.

Once they have a confirmed Nanny, they will email me the details and I will forward the email to you.  If everything looks good you simply pay the $100 deposit to book via Venmo or Paypal.  Full balance is due upon delivery and to be paid in cash directly to the Nanny.  Deposit must be received to secure the delivery date so it's best to take care of this ASAP.

What happens once the delivery is booked?

Once your delivery has been booked, the  assigned flight nanny will create a group text containing all parties involved in the pet transport. You will receive a group text including reconfirmation of your flight itinerary and meet up locations the day prior to your scheduled delivery date. All parties will receive text updates throughout your delivery in this chat.

Where exactly will I meet the Pet Nanny?

Typically, you will meet the pet nanny at baggage claim. This information will also be provided in the group text you will receive the day prior to your delivery.

What states do you service? Cost?

We can fly our pups to just about every MAJOR airport across the USA.  Our Nanny's only fly into airports that they can easily get in and out of.

Nanny fees are typically $500-$550 based on location, direct flights, and seat availability.

What else do I need to know?

  • Nannies fly stand by.  This means they do not have a confirmed seat.  If the flight is full and they cannot get on the flight they had originally hoped for they will try for the next flight, etc.
  • Being flexible is a MUST.  There may be some last minute changes and you must be able to accommodate.  Do not schedule your delivery on a day that you do not have open availability.
  • We cannot accommodate requests regarding landing time.  While the Nannies typically try to take the first flights out, there are times where they may get stuck and will not be able to get to you until the last flight.
  • In the event that the Nanny is unsuccessful on delivering the puppy on the day agreed upon, they will try again.  
  • If you do not have the flexibility that is required to use this service, we recommend considering purchasing a paid ticket in the name of the Nanny.  Total cost would be market price of the ticket + airline pet fee (typically $125) + $500/$550 based on location.
  • Flight Nanny will provide pictures throughout your puppies journey and updates every step of the way.  They will also ask to take a photo of you with the puppy as proof of delivery.
  • Your Nanny will give you your puppy, the carrier used for transport, and a tote bag of items including medical records.

Please keep in mind that your puppy is NOT fully vaccinated, and under no circumstance should you take your puppy to any pet relief area.