Adult Adoption

"How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing
but your company."    - Brigitte Nicole

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Fill out the below application ONLY if your interested in bringing home a currently available retired adult, if you're interested in a puppy your barking up the wrong tree here - you need to high tail it over to the Puppy Application.

Friendly reminder

You must meet the dog you’re interested in before committing. We will not ship our adults to you no matter what the circumstance is. Shipping or having the dog flown to you with a Pet Nanny is NOT an option. You must be willing to fly here for a meet and greet and if we BOTH feel it would be a good fit the dog can fly back with you. If you’re driving distance even better, but being local will always be preferred. If you’re local, I am 100% open to having several meet and greets before you make the commitment. It’s a big one, and one I hope you will take as seriously as I do.

  • You can expect that it will take an adult dog 3 days to decompress.  

  • You can expect that it will take an adult dog 3 weeks to learn your routine.

  • You can expect that it will take an adult dog 3 months to start to feel at home.

Filling out the application below will help us learn about you & your lifestyle.  Please know there are NO wrong answers.  Through your answers and our communication, together we can hope to find the best suited retired adult for you.  We take placing our adults very seriously and will only consider what we think will be the perfect match.

retired adult application

Adoption Application for Retired Adults

  • Please note, there is no "wrong" answer. My goal is to match the personality of the dog to its new living arrangement.
  • Please confirm below that you understand and are willing to travel to Michigan if not local.
  • ***Aussies are NOT Hypoallergenic and they DO shed***
  • Please note - just because they're adults does not mean they're fully housebroken. When going to a new home, it's very stressful and confusing. You can expect accidents, and working with them to potty in a designated area in your environment will be required.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.