"Before you get a dog, you can't quite imagine what living with one
might be like;
afterward, you can't imagine living any other way."

- Caroline Knapp

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Most well trained and sweetest pup we’ve ever had


Best breeding experience ever! Misty Renee at Misty’s Toy Aussies was SO wonderful! Poppy is our fourth Aussie, and she is, by far, the most well trained and sweetest pup we’ve ever had. It was great watching Poppy develop (via Misty’s website) from the time we picked her out up until the day Misty met us to deliver her. Even after we got Poppy, Misty has kept up with Poppy’s progress, and Misty has been an invaluable resource when I’ve had questions or concerns. (she has always answered my questions in a VERY timely manner.) The welcome packet she provides is thorough and full of useful information. It was a breeze getting Poppy trained to go outside because Misty introduces all her pups to clicker training at a very early age. The fact that she keeps all her pups indoors and raises them as family members helps even more.

I would recommend Misty’s Toy Aussies to ANYONE who is looking for an Aussie pup to add to their family.

 – Judy, Proud Mom of Poppy, Colorado & Michigan

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