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"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."

- Gene Hil

Mini / Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy Cabana


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about me

Coat Color:
Black Tri
Eye Color:
Current Weight:
3.82 lbs at 8 1/2 weeks old
Est. Adult Weight:
She's charting to be 11.2 lbs so I expect she will be 12-17 lbs
Ready to Go:
To Note:
Cabana will likely be a large Toy/small Mini


*all weights are estimates.  We cannot/do not guarantee adult size.  

If you need pup to be flown to your local major airport, our Pet Nanny can accompany the puppy in the main cabin of the aircraft and meet you at the baggage claim area for an additional fee that is typically $500-$550 based on flights and seat availability.

Introducing Cabana, the lovely Black Tri girl with a heart full of love. Cabana is not just a pretty face; she’s also incredibly loyal and loving. She is a true charmer with her expressive puppy dog eyes, it’s nearly impossible to say no to her. Cabana gets along well with everyone, as she is extremely friendly and wants to be everyone’s friend, she truly is the perfect choice for anyone. Cabana can be slightly dependent as she really loves people and would prefer to always have company. At this time she is medium energy for an Aussie. I expect Cabana to be a large Toy.

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The above video was taken at 5 weeks old.

The above video was taken on 2/10/2024.

The above video was taken at 7 weeks old.

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