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Puppy Pricing

Here is my policy on how I price my puppies and what is all included.

Visitation Policy

We only allow visitors if a deposit has been placed and it is their turn to pick a puppy.  Please read out policy for more information.

Genetic Testing

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Genetic screening of the dam and sire for inherited diseases should be an integral part of any breeding program. Although it's extremely costly, Misty's Toy Aussies voluntarily chooses to screen all of their dogs ( 9 tests per dog) for inherited diseases prior to breeding because we know that screening our puppies is crucial in producing happy and healthy puppies.  I share all of my dogs test results for the public to view (click the badge above).  Please be responsible and only purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder who genetically tests their dogs prior to breeding.  A good breeder will happily provide proof, so please don't be afraid to ask.


Many questions answered on our FAQ page.

VIP (Very Important Pup) Area

This is a password protected area only for the people who have already purchased a puppy from me that is filled with all kinds of resources!