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I recently discovered a small family business that invented a one-of-a-kind, TOTALLY WASHABLE dog bed.  They are AMAZING and I enthusiastically recommend purchasing one for your pup. 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons that I prefer the Wash ‘n Zip over the thousands of other dog beds:

1. So easy to clean – Just throw in the household washer/dryer
2. Gets completely clean, inside and out, not just the outer covering like other dog beds
3. No annoying covers to wrestle with
4. Keeps its shape over time, stays looking new
5. Less expensive in the long run since it doesn’t have to be thrown away as frequently
6. Great for travel – use as a blanket over car seats, or as a blanket in RV or back of SUV
7. Helps eliminate fleas and pet odor
8. Multifunctional – dog bed, crate pad, furniture throw, car seat cover, blanket
9. Puppy Proofer helps deter pets from the temptation of chewing
10. GREEN and Eco-friendly since it doesn’t have to be discarded so frequently

Check out the video below to see how they work.

I recommend getting the bed + the Puppy Proofer.  The Puppy Proofer will cover the bed and the zipper - without the Puppy Proofer you can count on your pup chewing on the zipper!!!  You can purchase both items here:  https://washnzippetbed.com/ - use the promo code MISTY for an additional 15% off your entire order.


Determining which size crate to get:

If your pup is a teeny tiny toy you can use the 18" or 22"

If you pup is estimated to be average size you can use the 22" or 24"

If your pup is estimated to be on the larger side you can use the 24" or 30"

If you get one with a divider you can keep it small and give the pup more room as it grows.

Single/Double door is simply a preference.

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