We're so excited to announce that we've partnered up with BarkBox!

Have you heard of BarkBox?  BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for pampered pets!  Every month they have a new theme and every BarkBox includes at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew toy based on that months theme.  My dogs love getting their monthly box and it's so fun for them to open and explore!    I thought it would be neat to contact them and see if I could somehow partner up with them and offer my buyers a discount.  They initially turned me down stating that they don't have a program for breeders, but then a few hours later I was contacted by their Marketing Manager who said they were so impressed with my website and the care I put into my program that they decided to start a Breeder Affiliate Program with ME!  🙂 🙂 🙂

This is all that was in one months adorable box which is New York City Themed!

  • 1:  BarkBox Membership Card.
  • 1:  6 oz bag of "Barklyn Bagels" Bacon Snacks - Made in the USA - Wheat, Corn & Soy Free.
  • 1:  6 oz bag of "Central Pork Pizza" Pork Snacks - Made in the USA - Wheat, Corn & Soy Free.
  • 1:  7 inch Premium Buffalo Chew.
  • 1:  NYC Pretzel Toy.
  • 1:  Statue of Liberty Crown Toy.
  • 1:  "Destroyers Club" Newspaper Toy.  (I pay an additional $9 a month for the 3rd toy - regular subscription has 2 toys).
  • 1:  Sheet of NYC/Dog Themed Stickers.
  • 1:  User's Manual.
  • 1:  Membership Card.

I'm pretty sure he is thinking "Best Day Ever!"

If you like to spoil your babies like I do if you want to join in on the monthly fun I can offer you a nice discount!  If you want to order you would receive 50% off your first box with the purchase of a 6 or 12 month subscription plan.  What is really nice about it is if your dog doesn't particularly care for a certain item just let them know and they will send you something to replace the item!  Also, they can accommodate any allergies!  These also make a great one time gift for anyone's pet - Birthday - Get Well - Welcome, etc. 

Take a look at their website (it's a super cute/fun site) at:  www.barkbox.com/mistysaussies 


Warm Woofs,