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Photo featuring our Super Model "Huck" 

We strive to breed genetically sound Toy Australian Shepherds. But, genetics are only part of raising a healthy dog. Nutrition plays a critical role in life time health. Many dog foods cannot be relied upon to meet your dog's nutritional requirements and nutrition can be attributed to a number of health issues. Our goal is to make sure that our puppies have an excellent rotating diet.  To learn more about what a rotating diet is and its benefits Click Here

It is essential for me to know the food I am feeding my dogs and puppies is healthy, safe, and nutritionally sound or I would not use or recommend it.  I work closely with my two trusted Veterinarians who both recommend Purina Pro Plan and Royal Canin.

I order all of the food & bones I feed from chewy.  They have free shipping if your order is over $49, 1-3 days for delivery, and they offer a very convenient and generous 30% off your first autoship order.  Listed below are linkable images to the exact items I use and am happy with.

Listed below are the 3 foods recommended by my 2 licensed Veterinarians that I feed my pups. Once they turn 10 months old I eliminate the Royal Canin and keep them on the same two Purina Pro Plan Formulas.

You can click on all of the images to purchase.  For more detailed information on each food please visit www.proplansport.com and www.royalcanin.com.


I add a 1/2 pump of this Salmon Oil to the pups food every morning.

I feed 1 packet of this probiotic per day - I just sprinkle it on their food.

Chew On This!

These treats above are great because they are small, soft and are great for training.  They come in a variety of different flavors.

Cow Hooves

Bully Sticks