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Life's Abundance Dog Food

We strive to breed genetically sound Toy Australian Shepherds. But, genetics are only part of raising a healthy dog. Nutrition plays a critical role in life time health. Many dog foods cannot be relied upon to meet your dog's nutritional requirements and nutrition can be attributed to a number of health issues. Our goal is to make sure that our puppies have an excellent diet.

I have long been using/recommending food and other pet products for their value and health benefits.  I have been surrounded by animals my entire life and have a lot of knowledge and have tried so many things that the people in my life consider me their “go to” when they are looking for a recommendation.  As a breeder, I have always tried to be ethical and conduct myself with the utmost transparency.  My dogs, their puppies and their health and well-being are my primary concern.  I believe a quality pet food must support good health, provide a high level of fitness and condition, contain no fillers (corn, wheat, and/or gluten), no artificial colors or flavors, be produced with good quality control (NO pet food recalls), be formulated consistently, contain wholesome ingredients, be nutrient dense so an owner feeds LESS because of better nourishment, AND made in the USA!

Life’s Abundance was recommended to me and after doing some research and learning that they have not ever had one pet food recall, their wholesome, safe, and healthy ingredients, the fact that it is NOT sold in grocery stores or pet food chains because they only ship out food that is generally six to eight weeks old so it's FRESH unlike many grocery and pet stores where they keep their food on the shelf for up to a year, made me come to the conclusion that Life’s Abundance hits all my must haves:

  • Supports good health.
  • Provides a high level of fitness and condition.
  • Contains no fillers (corn, wheat, gluten).
  • NO artificial colors or flavors.
  • Produced with excellent quality control (NO pet food recalls!!) and strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of the food formulated consistently.
  • They use a “fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each wholesome ingredient.
  • Foods are formulated by Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks.
  • Their manufacturer is APHIS certified to sell pet food in the European market, which has far more stringent regulations than in the U.S. for pet food manufacturing.
  • Convenience of Auto-Ship.

Not only do I recommend Life's Abundance for all the reasons listed above, but their Grain Free All Stages Formula holds a 5 Star rating at  It is essential for me to know the food I am feeding my dogs and cats is healthy, safe, and nutritionally sound or I would not use or recommend it.

I personally use the Grain Free All Stages Dog Food for all my dogs (I also feed my cat the All Stages Cat Food), the Wellness Food Supplements (they think they are treats) the canned food (for both dogs and cats), and Fish Oil.  My dogs have tried all of the treats and they are all a hit.  My favorites being the Buffalo Bully Sticks and the Antioxidant Bars.  When training the pups, I break the Training Treats  into small pieces and click and treat.

If you want to try a little bit of everything I recommend getting the Grain Free All Life Stages Healthy Start Pack or All Life Stages Healthy Start Pack.

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Remember, Life's Abundance products are not sold in stores.  If you choose to use their products please place your order BEFORE your puppy arrives.

We do NOT require you to continue your pup on Life's Abundance food but we highly recommend it.  In fact, if you keep your pup on LA food  we will extend our one-year health guarantee by 48 months, making it a total of 5 years – valid until the pups FIFTH birthday, rather then the one year you automatically get.

NOTE:  Our optional extended health guarantee becomes null and void if we do not have records of your dog being kept on Life's Abundance (Don't worry, they keep track so you don't have to!).  This is critical for their development and long term health.  If you prefer to place your order by phone please call Life's Abundance directly at 1-877-387-4564 and give them code 20567274 to place your order.

Misty Renee - Life's Abundance Independent Field Representative.