Upcoming Deliveries Needed

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Listed below are the litters I presently have.  Once my pups turn 7 weeks old I start working my way down the deposit list.  My pups are ready to leave here at 8-10 weeks old.  Once a buyer picks their puppy I will list it here as an available job and the pups destination.  I will meet you curbside at the airport with the puppy.  I can meet at DTW or FNT.  I will hand you the puppy and a decent sized bag full of goodies to give to the buyer so be sure you have enough room.  My pups are generally 2-5 pounds.

East Coast runs $400

West Coast runs $500

Buyer will pay you directly upon delivery in cash, or Venmo.


Referral program:  If you refer me to any Nanny's and they complete 1 job for me I will Venmo you $50 for the referral - NO LIMIT so refer away!!!

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The below pups have not been picked yet.  Once they get chosen and I know where they need to go I will post here as a available job.  I will send you all a email and let you know each time a new job is posted.  First person to commit to day, time, flight number, gets the job.  No holds.  I will update as we open/book.

Litter of 3 ready to go 9/30-10/14

Litter of 6 ready to go 10/1-10/15

Litter of 3 ready to go 10/13-10/27

Litter of 2 ready to go 10/16-10/30

Litter of 4 ready to go 10/17-10/31