All about Nellie Bellie

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This photo was taken of Nell when she was 7 weeks old - you can see more photos of her at that age if you scroll all the way to the bottom.  Please see the videos below to see what she looks like today.


Copy of the email sent to everyone who has a deposit placed on 05.27.2020:

On 03.09.2020 Ula-La & Jumbi had a litter of 3 pups.  One of the pups we named Keeper.   She was picked and her new family renamed her Nell.  Nell was delivered to her new family on Thursday, 5/14 when she was 9 1/2 weeks old.  She was in excellent condition and examined by my Veterinarian prior to leaving here.

On Saturday, 5/16 the owner texted me and said that Nell (her pup) started to eat her poop and when they go to pick her up she growls.  She started picking up the poop immediately, but said the growling continued every time they pick her up ( I have never heard her growl).  On Sunday, 5/17 the buyer took Nell to the Vet and they are doing curbside visits.  The tech came outside with gloves and mask to get Nell and Nell growled at her.  The Vet called the buyer and said that it's not common for a 9 1/2 week old puppy to growl the way she did at the Vet Tech.  She advised the buyer to have an evaluation done with an Animal Behaviorist and rescheduled her vaccines in case the buyer decided not to keep Nell.  That evening the buyer texted me and told me that Nell growled at 2 children, and another family with 2 dogs just walking by, and that she continues to growl when they pick her up and that she snapped at the owner for the first time.

On Monday, 5/18 the buyer called an Animal Behaviorist and spoke to her about Nell. Buyer said that based on the opinion of two professionals (one who didn't even meet the puppy) she wanted to give me the puppy back, and asked me to hold on to the money she paid for Nell and that she wanted to get a different puppy from me.  I offered to pay out of my own pocket to get her back home safely to me.  The very next day on 5/19 one of my Pet Nanny's drove from Philly to DC to pick up Nell.  Nell stayed with him for 2 days (the flights from Philly to DTW kept getting cancelled).  When I contacted the Nanny to ask him to pick her up and told him what was going on, he thought I was joking as I never ever had an aggressive dog, and I have never had a puppy returned to me.  I met him at the airport and picked up Nell.  I asked how she did and he said she was not at all aggressive towards anyone in the household, including his pets and children.  He said she cries when being kenneled but eventually settles down.  He never once heard her growl over the two days....

When she saw me walking towards her and the Nanny she was soooo happy!  The Nanny had to drop the leash and she ran as fast as she could and jumped in my arms and wouldn't stop giving me kisses.  It made me tear up because I feel so bad that she just went through all of this.  So now shes here with me, and with all of her old pals here and is happy as a clam.  I should also mention, that my Vet is also doing curbside.  I called her  and spoke with her and asked her if Nell showed any signs of aggression or growling and she couldn't believe I was asking her that and she said absolutely not, and she was a happy, sweet puppy.

Even though I have not seen any of the behaviors the buyer and her Vet described, I don't feel comfortable trying to find a new home for her without having a Nell evaluated by a Animal Behaviorist in person.  I am very transparent with you all, and would tell any prospects the truth about the rough start she is having.  Two that I called are only doing virtual appointments, and I am waiting to hear back from two more that I contacted.  I don't believe a puppy can be properly evaluated virtually.

Anyhow, this is the first time this has happened to me, and I was so caught off guard, and felt a little gut punched - I told the buyer she could have first pick of a Tri puppy (Nell was a Tri).  It was just such a sad situation, for me, and the family, and most importantly for Nell.  I don't know if I did the right thing or not, and if you believe I didn't I am truly sorry.  I don't want to go back on my word with the buyer.  I welcome any feedback regarding what I should/shouldn't have done so I can be confidently prepared if something like this ever happens to me again.

I anxiously await to hear back and get her evaluation set up in person.  I don't see any signs of aggression at all but this is Nell's safe place and the couple of days she was in the busy streets of DC may have overwhelmed her.  I will keep you all posted as to the final outcome, and if she becomes available, etc.



06.22.2020 - Nell is doing great!  She is now 15 weeks old today.  We still never witnessed any of the bad behaviors described by her previous owner.  I have been working with Dr. Hopfensperger of Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center - On 06.04.2020 we had a call to discuss Nell's situation.  She asked me to take some videos of Nell meeting new people, new dogs, and we also took her to Rural King for an outing to see how she would do. And this was out outcome:

We took Nell to Rural King.  Initially, she was hesitant to enter the store and my husband had to pick her up and carry her over the threshold and once he set her down she walked the store, and welcomed pets from several different strangers - again, she never showed any signs of growling or aggression.  You can see her in action here:

We took Nell to the park and this when people walked passed she ignored them:

While at the park, a couple walking towards has a little friendly dog that ran straight over to Nell and startled her - she peed because it scared her:

We had 3 people come over that Nell had never met to see how she would react - she was perfect in each situation:

We shared all of the videos with Dr. Hop prior to our in person appointment that we scheduled for 06.15.2020.

Nell and I made the hour drive to MSU on 06.15.2020 where she met with Jessica and Dr. Hop.  I was not allowed to go inside with them due to COVID.  Dr. Hop diagnosed Nell with mild generalized anxiety.  Basically, she is a little cautious to try new things at first, but once she sees she's safe she does just fine.  Here is a copy of the report:

Nell MSU 06.15.2020

The bottom line:

Nell is a great dog.  She is loving, loyal, and ridiculously smart.  One may even say she is too smart for her own good - knowing that the world can be a scary place and proceeds with caution.  She does great in the car - doesn't get car sick, she is 100% crate trained and will hold her potty in the crate over night, and she is leash trained.  She is trained to potty in the litter box, but she will need to be housebroken and taught to potty outside which shouldn't be hard because she is so, so smart.

I do agree with Dr. Hop that Nell would do best in a quiet home.  I don't think she would enjoy city life based on her experience in downtown DC.  Nell does fantastic with other dogs once she gets to know them - she is reserved at first but will slowly come around.  She plays beautifully with my dogs, never ever aggressive.

Nell does know her name.  We call her Nell, Nellie, Nells Bells, Nellie Bellie - she responds to all - if you wanted to change her name it would be very easy to do.  Nell is up to date on her shots including rabies (good through next year), and microchipped.  She will just need to be spayed and will be ready for that once she hits 6 months old next month.

Nell is not going to be the puppy that when she arrives will be so happy to see you.  She will need some time to adjust to her new people and new surroundings.  She will probably even be a little homesick and we will be plenty heartsick.  I hope to find her a extremely loving, patient home, that will take the time to do positive reinforcement with her and to put her in puppy school and possibly doggy day care just for the socialization aspect.

Nell is a big girl!  She will be a large Toy, and possibly a small Mini.   I suspect her adult weight will be 16-20 lbs.

Nell is $2400.  I would like to see her go to her new home sooner rather then later.  If no one chooses her, if you know anyone who you think would be a great fit for Nell please feel free to share this web page with them and have them contact me.

I am going to do Puppy Picking different this time since it is just her.  If you ARE interested in Nell please let me know and I will make a list of everyone who is interested in her in effort to save time and not wait 24 hours and me go down the list and contact each person.  I know everyone isn't glued to their email so in effort to give everyone a chance I will allow responses through Thursday, 12p EST.  Once noon hits the person who has the highest seniority on the list will get Nell if I believe it will be a good fit.  I will keep everyone in the loop as well so if someone above you is interested I will let you know asap.


1 Lisa B   1st pick of a Tri Pup
2 Susan F AUTO RO
3 Naoko - 2nd pup AUTO RO
4 Ingrid - 2nd pup AUTO RO
5 Vanessa AUTO RO
6 Jason & Tonia AUTO RO
7 Erik & Jody
8 Kelly R AUTO RO
9 Kavita & Karim AUTO RO
10 Amber M.
11 Donna AUTO RO
12 George & Becky
13 Amanda R AUTO RO
14 Kelly & Jason - 2nd pup AUTO RO
15 Lynne L - 2nd pup AUTO RO
16 Diana B AUTO RO
17 Courtney C AUTO RO
18 Ashley Rus
19 Stephanie F AUTO RO
20 Jake
21 Dana S
22 Grace M AUTO RO
23 Camilla B
24 Liz & Garrin
25 Phyllis - 2nd pup AUTO RO
26 Brittany H
27 Lidia S. - 2nd pup AUTO RO
28 Sydney W - 2nd pup AUTO RO
29 Alison V - 2nd pup AUTO RO
30 Chari C
31 Jules - 3rd pup AUTO RO
32 Lisa & Sue - 2nd pup AUTO RO
33 Liz & Garrin - 2nd pup
34 Brad S.
35 Kathryn S
36 Janice M
37 Trent & Stephanie
38 Lulu - 2nd pup
39 Jose Q
40 Effy & Ziming
41 Beth C
42 Maria R
43 Eric O
44 Sandy B
45 Lisa B Merle only - has first pick for a tri
46 Kaitlyn T AUTO RO
47 Kristen & Michael - 2nd pup AUTO RO
48 Kristyn B
49 Nicholas & Arayel
50 Amber C
51 Lisa & Sam - 2nd pup AUTO RO
52 Nancy & Allen
53 Robin S
54 Brandon & Steff
55 Emily S AUTO RO
56 Michelle R
57 Eriko K
58 Joy T
59 Rick & Joni - 2nd pup
60 Sharon B
61 Leah & Tenia - 3rd pup
62 Tonianne T
63 Amy P - 2nd pup AUTO RO
64 Emily X AUTO RO
65 Kimberly & Deion
66 Cassidy F
67 Katherine S
68 Savannah S
69 Jill & Mike
70 Marcella R
71 Lori H
72 Christine N
73 Samantha B - 2nd pup AUTO RO
74 Matt S
75 Dil & Sarb