Mimi x Schmitty

On 04.14.2021 Mimi & Schmitty blessed us with two pups!

If you see a pup from this litter that you like you must let me know by 11:30a EST, Thursday, 06/03 to be added to the list.  Even if you don't think you have a chance, you should still try! Lots can change between now and then and people change their minds all the time.

Important Dates for Mimi's Litter

Mimi is the daughter of Lexie and Loki 🙂

Wed., 5/12 - Week 4:  Litter will be announced on the website with photos of each individual pup.

Wed., 5/19 - Week 5: Pupdate email will be provided with what we are working on for the week.

Wed., 5/26 - Week 6:  Pupdate email will be provided with what we are working on for the week along with updated photos and weights, and estimated adult size.

One day between Sat., 5/29 – Tues., 6/1:  Video of the pups at play will be provided via email.

Wed., 6/2 - Week 7/Day 49:  Pupdate email to include updated photos, a video of each individual puppy, personality info, current weight, estimated adult weight, and pricing will be provided.  Schedule for next day Puppy Picking will be provided.  CLOCK STARTS!

Thu., 6/3 - Day 50:  11:30 EST Deadline to let me know if you want to be added to the list for this round of puppy picking.

Thu., 6/3 - 11:31a EST:  Final list emailed with scheduled times (starting at 12p EST) and Puppy Selections are made!  Good luck!!!

Th., 6/9 – Th., 6/23:  Puppies start to leave for their furever homes. All puppies must be placed no later than day 70.  No exceptions.  If you cannot take a pup during this window then you will have to wait until timing is better for you.

Click on the individual puppy's name at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see their individual daily reports.