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What size and colors are Toy Australian Shepherds?

Toy Average Height: 14 inches and under
Toy Average Weight: 6 to 23 lbs, depending on bone structure and size.

Colors: Red Merle, Red tricolor, Black tricolor, Blue Merle. and Bi.

Click here to read the Standard for the Toy Australian Shepherd

Do you guarantee the adult size of the pup?

Most definitely not!  I wish I could see into the future, but just like with children you can't predict adult height/weight.  The best I can do is provide the heights and weights of the parents.  The dogs in my program range from 10" - 12" in height and weigh 4-14 pounds.  Size at birth does not matter.  Pups can be fast growers or slow growers.  I have found once the pup is about 3-4 months old you can chart their adult weight at  Just choose the breed "Miniature Australian Shepherd and follow the directions.  I have found this to be pretty accurate but still no guarantees!

What eye colors do Toy Aussies have?

Eyes may be any combination of brown, amber, hazel, blue, or marbled. Some of these dog have eyes that are two different colors or may be marbled or swirled. For example, one eye can be blue and the other eye split blue and brown.

At what age can you tell a puppy's eye color?

Puppies usually open their eyes at about 2 weeks of age. Color can usually be determined at about 4-5 weeks of age but eye color can change as late as 2 years old (not very likely though).

How much are your puppies?

If you click HERE you can get a general ideal how I price my pups and what is included.  On average they are usually $2000-$3000 per pup.  If you go to the Puppy Nursery and scroll down where you see past puppies feel free to take a peek and ask me what I sold a particular pup for to give you an even better idea.  All of my pups are sold to PET ONLY homes.  I do NOT sell breeding rights.   

My pups are raised in my home under foot.  Raising them is a full-time job for me.  I dedicate a couple of hours per day to each puppy individually training and socializing them.   

Do Toy Aussies make good family dogs?

Yes, definitely. In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training. They are good-natured and even-tempered; may initially be reserved with strangers yet make a very loyal companion. The Toy Aussie is an active dog with a happy and even disposition, good-natured, seldom quarrelsome and responds with enthusiasm to the challenge and responsibility of having a job to perform.

Do they shed much? How much grooming is required?

The Toy Aussie wears a moderately thick double coat. The undercoat is shed twice a yearly and shedding is moderate between these periods, although degree will vary with individual dog. Regular brushing once or twice a week will help minimize shedding and keep their skin and coat healthy. The Toy Aussie's coat is not long enough to require heavy daily attention.  Click here to read more about grooming.

Is it better to get a Male or Female?

There is no wrong choice. Both males and females make loyal loving pets.

How do Toy Aussies get along with children and other pets?

Toys are great with children and are amazing family pets. They’re also accepting of other pets. Mine live with two Yorkies, one Biewer Yorkshire Pom Pon, one Sphynx cat, and one piglet!

Do Toy Australian Shepherds need training?

Your new pup will come to you having been trained with the Puppy Culture Protocol from Day 1.  We do hope you will continue with PC training through 12 weeks and the rest of their lives!  All puppies need to be trained with consistency and love. Aussies love to be involved in family activities and do best with families that provide obedience training, socialization and exercise. Aussies are naturally reserved around strangers and need to be properly socialized early in their lives. They are also extremely loyal dogs; wanting to be by their masters side more than anything else on the planet! Aussies are extremely smart and want nothing more than to please their owner. They can very easily be trained to do anything!

Where are you located?

We are located in Highland, MI – about one hour North of Detroit. If you are a serious buyer you are welcome to come meet the puppies and pick one by appointment only. For the sake of the puppies health, we do not allow people to come view the puppies/play with the puppies unless they are serious buyers. I am happy to send pictures and videos.  

Please scroll down to read about the delivery options we offer.

How can I get the puppy? Do you ship?

Option 1:  You're welcome to personally pick up your pup at our home in Highland, MI.  

Option 2:  We can hand deliver your fur-ever friend for an additional fee. This allows the puppy to travel IN the main cabin.  We would just need you to meet us at your local airport. The rates within the U.S. range from $350-$450.   Please inquire for Canadian and International rates.  ALL Rates INCLUDE time & airfare.

Option 3:  I am willing to drive up to 90 minutes one way to meet you to help shorten your drive.

I will not ship my pups in cargo.  

VIP White Glove Hand Delivery service is NOT included in the puppy price.

I can't wait another second! How do I purchase a puppy?

Contact me! A deposit of $400 is required to be added to our wait list and hold a puppy.  Deposits are 100% fully refundable (same day) if the puppy that you want is not born or you may roll your deposit over to the next litter. Once you pick the puppy you want after they are born then the deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable.  Once you pick your pup you cannot transfer the deposit to a different puppy so please be sure you pick your perfect puppy!

How do I send the deposit?

You can mail me a personal check, cashiers check, or money order, cash if local, PayPal or I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  I do NOT charge extra for any PayPal or Credit Card fees.  Most do, but I feel it's a cost of doing business.

 Another way is if you use Chase Bank  you can instantly transfer money to me with no fee. Ask me how.

Puppies must be paid in full one week prior to shipping with all funds cleared.  If picking up in person only cash is accepted.

Will my puppy come with a Health Guarantee?

Your puppy comes with a one year genetic guarantee. We offer an optional two year health guarantee if you keep you puppy on Life's Abundance Dog Food.  We stand behind our dogs 100%! Click here Puppy Contract here for more details.

When can I take my puppy home?

Being that I raise my puppies using the Puppy Culture Protocol I prefer that the pups stay with me until they are 10 weeks old and passed the critical fear developing stage at 8-9 weeks.  However, if you strongly prefer to get the puppy at 8-9 weeks old I will consider it based on the puppies personality.

Do I need to bring anything with me if picking the puppy up from the airport?

Yes. It’s highly likely the puppy will have made a mess in the crate. Bring a towel/paper towels just in case. The puppy will be oh so appreciative if you can bring a bottle of water and bowl so he/she can have a drink before the car ride home.  Please be aware that the puppy is NOT fully vaccinated and can easily catch a virus, parasites, or even worse, Parvo which can be fatal.  DO NOT put your puppy in the ground to go potty at the airport. Please find a quiet, safe place. Puppies can get sick very easily. Please be mindful. Please do NOT bring your pup on any outings  or walks UNTIL the pup has completed all of his/her vaccines.  When taking to the VET please keep the pup in a carrier or on your lap.  Vaccines DO NOT take effect immediately. It takes 10 -14 days for a vaccine to give a puppy protection.  For example, a vaccine given at 8 weeks old is not effective until 10 weeks old.  Please click here to read more about Parvo.

Will my puppy come fully vaccinated What about micro-chipped?

Your puppy will arrive with age appropriate vaccinations and deworming. 

All of my puppies will come to you micro-chipped at no additional charge!  They will be registered to me.  Once you take ownership you may transfer the registration to you.  

What do you feed your puppies?

All of puppies are fed Life's Abundance All Stages Dog Food Grain Free.  It has a 5 star rating on Dog Food  To read more about what exactly I feed our puppies please click HERE.

We also like to home cook using a recipe that includes emu or ostrich meat, broccoli, carrots, eggs, sweet potatoes, and apples.  Happy to share the recipe if you're interested!

I've heard small puppies can get low blood sugar/hypoglycemia - what does that mean?

Hypoglycemia simply means a low blood sugar. Glucose is the form of sugar found within the bloodstream. Glucose is formed during the digestion of foods and it can be stored within the liver in a storage form called glycogen. If a puppy becomes stressed, gets too much exercise, or misses a meal their blood sugar could drop.

What are the symptoms?

A puppy with hypoglycemia will lack energy, become listless, lethargic and nauseous. This can be life threatening. If you find yourself in this situation DO NOT PANIC – it’s easy to stabilize if you are prepared.

What is the management?

Immediately provide sugar -- Karo syrup, honey, or Nutri-Cal are excellent sugar sources and should be fed to the puppy. If the puppy fails to respond to sugar, or the hypoglycemic episodes are frequent, then a thorough exam by a veterinarian is in order.

I still have more questions! What to do?

Call, text, email, online chat through this website, or send me a private message on Facebook. I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Texting will always get you the quickest response.
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